Oscar POS Easter Egg Paper & Ribbon Promotion

Bunnies, Bilbies & Eggs

Bunnies, Bilbies & Eggs …

To some people, Easter is a religious tradition celebrating the resurrection of Christ.

To others, Easter is an extra long weekend and a chance to enjoy the last of the summer sunshine.

Easter traditions and symbols have changed over the centuries. The Easter Bunny doesn’t appear in the Bible and probably has its origins in German immigrants and their stories of egg-laying hares. The Easter Egg probably originated as an ancient symbol of life in pagan festivals. Then there are lillies, egg hunts, eating lamb as the “traditional food”, parades & candy.

Did you think Australia’s Easter Bilby is a recent thing ? Not at all. The first documented use of the Easter Bilby concept was in March 1968 when a 9-year-old girl Rose-Marie Dusting, wrote a story, “Billy The Aussie Easter Bilby,” which she published as a book 11 years later.

Our Easter Egg to You …

It is a little bit difficult to email you an Easter Egg.

So for all Paper and Ribbons ordered before 31st March 2021, we will give you an extra 5% discount as an Easter Bonus.

It doesn’t matter how you choose to celebrate Easter or what it means to you.

You can now get up to a 30% discount.

Oscar POS Easter Egg Paper & Ribbon Promotion
Place your order before lunchtime Wednesday 31st March
for Delivery Thursday 1st April

As always, we can only offer this deal by minimising our handling, so we will Drop Ship your order for $15.00 including GST by next business day courier to an area from Clarkson to Perth to Mandurah ( Includes Halls Head, Pinjarra, Wannanup, Falcon & Erskine ), Fremantle to Swan Valley West ( per 5 cartons ).

Some cartons are small and can count as 1 – so if you need extra EFTPOS rolls let us know and you could effectively get them delivered for FREE.

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