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Don’t Judge a Book by its Cover

A few years ago I was in Bratislava, on top  of a castle turret, with the wind blowing the snow sideways. Freezing cold, but the view was fantastic. On a clear day you could probably see all the way to where the American slasher film Hostel was made. Well, maybe not, but it is an interesting side note.

Why was I on top of this old castle turret ? Can’t remember, but probably because I had some time off & it was the touristy thing to do.

How did I get there ? In an ancient Skoda being driven by a local student wearing his Grandfathers old communist party uniform.

Probably had a slightly better paint job than this one – but not much ! It rattled, it shook, one window was held up by tape, the heaters were AWOL ….. But it was an entertaining journey.

The transfer from the hotel in Bratislava to the airport in Vienna was a completely different story.

What a difference and I was so glad the heaters worked. The snow was banked up along the sides of the roads and it was below freezing. Having to de-ice your plane before take off was a novel experience.

So, what has this little story about Slovakia and these these two very different automobiles got to do with Point of Sale ? Apart from the fact that I was there to learn and to write helpdesk manuals for the support of  & rebuild processes for a POS System ?

Clearly these two vehicles are very different. You wouldn’t expect them to have the same perform specifications. Nor would you expect them to cost the same amount. If you were wanting to buy a car, you could just look at them both and know which one is going to be the better performer. If all you wanted was a little run around for Granny to get to bingo in once a week, or you had a limited budget, the Skoda would be your choice – but you wouldn’t expect it to do a 1/4 mile in 3.22 seconds.

Let’s face it, even the high end luxury one aint gonna do that !

Above are three Point of Sale All-In-One Touch Units. They all look remarkably similar. Actually they are the same die cast aluminium casing with PCT Touch screens and LCD customer displays.

  • Which one is faster ?
  • Does one have more RAM ?
  • What about HDD or SSD ?
  • Windows ? Linux ? Android ?
  • Which one is going to be best for your grandmothers little corner shop making 100 sales a day ?
  • Which one of them is best for the fast paced restaurant taking 2,000 orders per service ?
  • Why doesn’t the one you bought on the cheap off Gum Tree perform the same as the one you saw in my showroom ?

Unfortunately POS Units all look alike. You don’t know what is actually “under the hood” unless you have access to the specifications of the POS.

Why do POS manufacturers do this ? Usually because they are building to a price point. The more you pay, the more higher specification devices they are prepared to use. To get a lower price point, they will use cheaper / slower RAM, or a slower Mother Board, a smaller capacity drive, not include bluetooth or wifi, and so on …

When we do a demonstration in our showroom, we will of course be using high end equipment designed to show you the full capabilities of OscarPOS Cloud.

When you start your discussion with us on your future POS System, we will ask all sorts of questions to gauge the type of hardware that is suitable for your business. This will be used with your budget to best meet your needs. Unfortunately, a lot of business owners leave their POS until the last minute and will work to a price point – sacrificing performance as a direct result.

Budget as much as you can for your POS hardware. As your business grows, the demands on your POS hardware will only increase.

As your business grows, the demands on your POS hardware will only increase.

You do not really want to max out your POS specifications on day one. A POS with a bit of excess power is going to serve you better in busy times than one that is running at 100%. A slow POS is a bottle neck to your business and results in slow service !

Give yourself room to grow and expand.

Make sure you have an upgrade path that will allow your POS System to keep up with your expanding business.

About the author: Tim Atkinson

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