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Enhance Your Online Presence

The majority of businesses today will have an online presence whether they actively think about it or not.

Even in you don’t have Facebook or Linked-in or a web site, Google will probably still find you. If you have a business phone number under your registered business name, then you will have an online presence. Search for your business name and invariably Google will show you in the side panel. Even without a web site, users can ask questions and leave reviews about your business.

Think about how many times you have gone to a new restaurant or made an online purchase based on Google Reviews.

Leveraging the power of your online presence to increase your customer base important ?

Don’t just take my opinion as gospel. The Department for Industry, Innovation & Science ( An Australian Government body who provide resources to help Australian businesses thrive ), agree in their article Creating your online presence.

Number 1 & 2 on their list for creating your unique online presence are :

  • Creating a Website for you business.
  • Opening up an online shop or store.

So a few years ago we paid $6,000.00 for website design … plus yearly domain registration & hosting. We added a basic shopping cart to it for $22.00 per month. That was the going rate at the time and gave us our expanded online presence.

However, every time we wanted to change something the designer wanted more money. When a product for sale was updated in our accounting system, we also had to update it in our POS and our online shop.

Those of you who have been following my other posts and our knowledge-base, know that I can’t type and hate having to do things multiple times !

There had to be a better ( and cheaper ) way to get an expanded online presence and start taking advantage of :

  • Making it easier for potential customers to find and learn about me.
  • Showcasing our products and services to a larger audience.
  • Making it easier for end users to purchase by goods & services.
  • Building relationships between existing customers as well as new ones.
  • Getting our brand out there and recognised.
  • Providing more “meat” for search engines to index.
  • Not getting stuck in an administrative nightmare to keep our online presence updated.

With OscarPOS Cloud there is !

OscarPOS Cloud E-Shop

OscarPOS Cloud E-Shop

For just $20 per month you can add an e-shop to your SAAS.

Customers can see basic information about your company, browse categories of your goods & services, any current promotions are shown “marked down”, images and descriptions can be zoomed, any modifiers / add-ons / up-sells are also presented before being added to their shopping kart.

Using your online back office, you set your opening hours, order types, payment options, delivery zones & charges. You add images and descriptions to your products and get to set logos, header & footer & button colours and fonts. Optionally you get to choose a starting point from 8 predefined templates that you can then modify.

You do it – once – and it is pushed out to all of your business channels. Check out the animation called OscarPOS Cloud – Do It Once !

While the URL can be a bit long for printing on you menus, have you thought about :

  • Create a FREE QR Code to display in store and in your advertising
  • Shorten it using one of the FREE url shorteners
  •  Add a hyperlink to your existing website
  • Register a domain name with a permanent redirect

If you don’t have an existing website, using a user friendly company like Hostaway to do option 4 is only going to cost about $6 a month.

OscarPOS Cloud Web Site & Shop

$65 per month will give you a fuller and feature rich site for you to interact with your audience. With predefined areas for about-us, landing pages, Google maps, sliding promotional banners, and of course the all important web ordering portal to showcase your wares.

The big saving is that you are not paying somebody else to make changes to it. Every time you update or add a new good or service, it is pushed out not only to your POS APPS, WAITER APPS & MOBILE APP, but also to your new website. Search engines love active sites that change. So just going about your normal business routine helps keep them interested in you. Bonus !

I look back at the $6,000.00 we paid somebody to do a website. It represents just under 8 years @ $65PCM. That website was static, required more money be spent when we wanted to make a change, and was dated after 2 years !

There is just no comparison when it comes to value for money in creating and increasing your online presence.

You can check out my demonstration version here.

It even looks great on mobile devices.

About the author: Tim Atkinson