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Receive New Delivery Order

When you are using the WEB APP or MOB APP, your customer will create their own order. This will then appear on your ORDER SCREEN as a New Order. If you have enabled them, you will get visual and / or audible notification as well.

POS APP - Order Screen - New Mob APP Order
POS APP – Order Screen – New Mob APP Order

In the above capture we can see :

  • A Delivery Order
  • Placed on your companies Mobile APP
  • The Date / Time it was placed and when the customer wants it
  • The ORDER is NEW as we have done nothing with it yet
  • It is for one of your customers who as provided
    • Name
    • Contact number
    • They require change from $100.00
    • And importantly the amount of $33.00 is UNPAID

We can review the ORDER by selecting the ARROW. Depending on settings and the payment method, we may be able to make changes to the ORDER before selecting <START>.

Alternatively we can select anywhere on the ORDER ( except for the right arrow ) and then press <START>.

If defined, the ITEMS will be sent to the relevant Kitchen Printers or Bump Stations.

Depending on your settings ( and if the MOB APP user has allowed PUSH NOTIFICATIONS ) the change in the ORDER STATE will be sent to your customer automatically.

POS APP - ORDER - In Progress
POS APP – ORDER – In Progress

However you decide to <START> the ORDER, the STATUS will change from NEW to IN PROGRESS

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