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OscarPOS Cloud Backoffice is where you can add categories to sort your items for your CSR’s to find items easier.

  • View a list of current categories
  • Add new categories
  • Edit existing categories
  • Delete an existing Category
  • Define the default printer an item will print to when assigned to a category
  • Define a default course level items will use when assigned to the category

Viewing a list of current categories

In the left pane of Back Office Management ( BOM ), expand the Items list node and click Categories List.

BOM - Items List - Categories List
BOM – Items List – Categories List
  • Name : The name of a created categories i.e Salads or Desserts
  • Items Assigned : The number of items assigned to the category
  • Image : Shows any image added to the category
  • Active : When active this will decide whether your category is in use and visible to CSR’s and Customers.
  • Mobile Enabled : When enabled this category will be visible to your online and mobile customers and its contained items available for purchase.
  • Archive : Where your “deleted” Categories go.

Add New Categories

In the categories list click add

This will open the new category form

BOM - Items List - Categories List - Add New
BOM – Items List – Categories List – Add New
  • Name: In this text box you specify the name of the category you are creating i.e Entree, Main or Desserts
  • Active: Determines whether you want this category to be visible and useable within your Cloud services
  • Mobile Enabled: When active will enable people using online or your mobile app to view and purchase items from this category.
  • All Days: This button will bring up a window allowing you to specify what day and what time this category is available. By default the category is available 7 days a week 24/7.
  • Store: In this field you can specify which stores you wish to have this category enabled. If you only have the one store usually this is filled out with your store by default and therefore will not need to be changed. (In a multi-store environment it will instead list all your registered stores. This allows you to drop or add the stores you wish the category to be available at)
  • Course: In this drop down menu you can select which course level items assigned to this category will default to
  • Printers: In This drop down box you can select which printer items assigned to this category will use by default
  • Camera icon: This area will allow you to add a picture on the category that will be visible to your CSR’s and customers.

Once you are ready to add the category click save. If you wish to add another straight away click the box create another and hit save. This will open up the add new category form for you to enter your next category.

Edit Existing Categories

In the Categories List screen simply click on the NAME of the category you wish to edit.

Make any changes that you need to on the form.

Then click UPDATE to save your changes.

Delete an Existing Category

Typically we recommend you simply mark a category as INACTIVE (just in case you want to use it again later!)

If you are sure you wont be needing the category again then it is possible to delete it.

(The one condition of deleting a category is that it must have NO Items attached to it)

  1. Remove all items attached to the category
  2. On the Categories list click the tick symbol next to the Category NAME
  3. Click the DELETE button

this will “delete” the category from the system and put it in your “Archive”.


I have created this as a separate KB article.

This one was getting a bit too long 🙂

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