WHERE : BOM / Inventory Overview In your BOM, you will notice that in the side bar, we have separate pull downs for INVENTORY and ITEMS LIST. INVENTORY : This is where you create INVENTORY ITEMS that you can buy, into one or many stock locations, sorted by INVENTORY CATEGORY. When you use the DOCUMENTS […]

Push Settings

WHERE : BOM / Notification Centre Overview OscarPOS Cloud can send your Mobile APP users PUSH notifications about the current status of their ORDER. Your Back Office lets you configure this Push Messaging service. Depending on your business model, you can turn the setting on or off according to the ORDER STATUS. Please note that […]

Notification Message History

WHERE : BOM / Notification Centre Overview Your OscarPOS Cloud Notification Centre will keep a log of brief information about sent messages. List Sent Messages Navigate to BOM / Notification Centre / History. You can filter by Message Type as well as sort the columns as ascending or descending.

Configuring Event Messages

WHERE : BOM / Notification Centre / Event Messages Overview Your notification Centre supports event driven messages. When an event is triggered the notification centre will send a details message automatically. An example of this would be your Customer selecting the “Forgot Password” link. In this case the Notification Centre will automatically send out predefined […]

Configuring Manual Messages

WHERE : BOM / Notification Centre Overview Manual messages are a great way to interact with your existing Customers or introduce potential Customers to your wonderful goods & services. You can create these as an email, a ush notification or an SMS. You can also create a schedule by which they are sent. List Manual […]

About Notification Centre

WHERE : BOM / Notification Centre Overview Your OscarPOS Cloud Notification Centre allows you to configure messages that get sent to your customers. As with everything else, you can optionally use CUSTOMER GROUPS to help target specific Customer criteria. You may also have the option to send the notification immediately or to schedule a date […]

Staff Payrolls

WHERE : Back Office / Staff / Payrolls Overview ATM this is a very rudimentary way to do payroll accounting. As the demand increases, we will spend more time increasing the functionality of this module. To make is a very useful module for you to track your staff times, a few things need to be […]

Staff Schedule

WHERE : Back Office / Staff / Schedule Overview Here you can compose a staff roster for your STORE ( or STORES ). You can create or view WORK SCHEDULES for a month, a week or a day. You can optionally filter by STORE, EMPLOYEE or ROLE. Also included is the ability to save in […]