Reports – Sales Summary

WHERE : BOM / Reports  / Sales Summary Sales Summary This report shows key sales performance indicators for the specified period of time. Includes preset filters, user adjustable filters & export options. Sales by Day This report shows key sales performance indicators for the chosen period. This is then broken down on a daily basis […]

Inventory Items

WHERE : BOM / Inventory Items Overview In your BOM, you will notice that in the side bar, we have separate pull downs for INVENTORY and ITEMS LIST. INVENTORY : This is where you create INVENTORY ITEMS that you can buy, into one or many stock locations, sorted by INVENTORY CATEGORY. When you use the […]

Inventory – Locations

WHERE : BOM / Inventory / Locations Overview Navigate to BOM / Inventory / Locations. In order to manage your INVENTORY ITEMS, you have to have at least one INVENTORY LOCATION into which you put your INVENTORY ITEMS. This could be a physical, virtual or accounting place. How you set this up depends on your […]

Inventory – Production Shops

WHERE : BOM / Inventory / Production Shops Overview Navigate to BOM / Inventory / Production Shops. You can turn INVENTORY ITEMS into different INVENTORY ITEMS in your PRODUCTION SHOP. So you might buy into stock INVENTORY ITEMS called EGGS, FLOUR and BUTTER by entering SUPPLIER INVOICES. This will update the COST and STOCK ON […]

Inventory – Categories

WHERE : BOM / Inventory Categories LIST INVENTORY CATEGORIES Navigate to BOM / Inventory / Categories. These are a nice way to keep your “stock controlled” INVENTORY ITEMS grouped together. This is from my demonstration BOM, so is set up by type of stock control. In the real world you would more likely be using […]

WEB APP / Landing Page / Shopping Cart Settings

WHERE : BOM /  Settings  /  Web Site Overview As with most things OscarPOS Cloud, there is a heavy integration between the components. So making a single change, is “pushed” out to all of your Channels of Trade. Blog Post ; Do It Once Whether you just want to let Customers create their own Orders […]


WHERE : BOM /  Settings  /  Floor Plans Overview When creating a Dine In Order, you can optionally select a location / table number letting your wait staff know where to take the ITEMS. This can then be further extended to assigning ITEMS to individual seats on each table ( Item Patron & Split Billing ). […]

Items – Add

WHERE : BOM / Items List / Items List Overview ITEMS ( more commonly referred to as MENU ITEMS to avoid confusion with INVENTORY ITEMS ) are what you actually make available for sale via your POS APP, WEB APP, E-SHOP, MOB APP. MENU ITEMS can be anything at all that you are going to […]