Staff Payrolls

WHERE : Back Office / Staff / Payrolls Overview ATM this is a very rudimentary way to do payroll accounting. As the demand increases, we will spend more time increasing the functionality of this module. To make is a very useful module for you to track your staff times, a few things need to be […]

Staff Schedule

WHERE : Back Office / Staff / Schedule Overview Here you can compose a staff roster for your STORE ( or STORES ). You can create or view WORK SCHEDULES for a month, a week or a day. You can optionally filter by STORE, EMPLOYEE or ROLE. Also included is the ability to save in […]

Staff Roles

WHERE : Back Office / Staff / Roles Overview BOM allows you to view and manage the Roles available to your employees. Here is where you define those ROLES. By using role based access, OscarPOS Cloud BOM allows you to finely tune where your staff can go and what they can do once they get […]

Staff List

WHERE : Back Office / Staff / Staff List Overview BOM allows you to view and manage the list of your staff members. Here is where you will also assign ROLES, passwords, etc as well as view performance data. List Staff Navigate to BOM / Staff / Staff List. BOM – Staff – Staff List […]