Multiple Tenders

WHERE : POS APP / Checkout Overview Multiple Tenders refers to the action of accepting and processing multiples of the same or different payment methods, to settle an ORDER. This could be any combination of the default payment methods ( Cash, EFTPOS, Gift Card ) as well as any custom payment methods you have created. […]

8 Pay Delivery Driver

WHERE : POS Application / Reports Pay Delivery Driver Where you have defined fees to pay your delivery driver in Terms of Delivery, you can run a report on your POS APP to see how much you need to pay him / her. Navigate to POS APP / Menu / Reports / Drivers. In the […]

7 Close Delivery Order

WHERE : POS Application / Delivery Orders Close Delivery Order Select the Delivery Order and press <Close Order> to finalise. You will probably want to NOT send a push notification for this status change. Remember, if you don’t <Close Order> it will not appear in your BOM transaction list.

6 Money Drop

WHERE : POS Application / Delivery Orders Money Drop Where our Customer is paying Cash to the Delivery Driver, we can keep a track of what monies he has received and paid into the POS. We would  use the same process for monies she has collected on Mobile EFTPOS. Where the customer has paid using […]

Delivery Order Cycle

WHERE : POS Application / Active Orders WHERE : POS Application / Delivery Orders WHERE : POS Application / Reports Overview OscarPOS Cloud contains a fully integrated Delivery Order system. You can enter orders manually or receive them from directly from either your Mobile APP or WEB APP. Set hours for delivery that are different […]

5 Managing Delivery Orders

WHERE : POS Application / Delivery Orders Managing Delivery Orders After assigning to a Delivery Driver select Menu / Delivery to open a list of all of your ORDERS created for DELIVERY ALL : This is a list all the DELIVERY ORDERS that are NOT marked asa CLOSED and their current STATUS. IN STORE : […]

4 Assign Delivery to a Driver

WHERE : POS Application / Active Orders Assign Delivery to a Driver After pressing <Start Delivery> you are prompted to allocate the Delivery Order to one of your Delivery Drivers. NOTE : Delivery Drivers are STAFF you have set up in your BOM and tagged as Drivers. Select the Driver name and then <Assign>. Depending […]

3 Start Delivery

WHERE : POS Application / Active Orders Start Delivery We are now ready to give our ORDER to our Delivery Driver. Select the ORDER and press <Start Delivery>. Once again, this may be configured to be sent to your Customer as a Push Notification.

2 Delivery Order is Ready

WHERE : POS Application / Active Orders Delivery Order is Ready If you wanted to keep track of when the Delivery Order was made by the kitchen, you could select the In Progress Order and the mark it as <Done>. This is great for identifying bottle necks, but you may want to consider which Order […]