Menu Commands

WHERE : POS APP / Menu Overview Depending on your ROLE, the POS APP will give you access to functions of the application. You might have access to : Active Orders : Opens the Active Orders screen. Closed Orders : View your Closed Orders. Delivery : Mange your Delivery Orders. Cash Drawer : Manage cash […]

Start Shift / End Shift

WHERE : POS APP Overview With OscarPOS Cloud, the POS APP requires at least 1 SHIFT every 24 Hours. Before you can process ORDERS, you will be required to START A SHIFT. When you END A SHIFT, the POS APP will check for OPEN ORDERS. You could have one SHIFT that lasts the entire day […]

Split Billing

WHERE : POS APP / Checkout Customers who ask to “split the bill” must be the most annoying of all to a busy CSR, but with OscarPOS Cloud there are a few different ways to do this. If you have one big ORDER, you could move the ITEMS to a different Table or Order and […]