3. Use the Search Engine

All articles within the OscarPOS Cloud Knowledge Base are periodically indexed This will allow you to enter a few key words to get a list of possibly relevant articles Try it out by typing a few key words into the search bar

2. Categories & Tags

Articles are placed into CATEGORIES that reflect their main focus Back Office Application ( BOM ) Point of Sale Application ( POS APP ) Waiter Application ( WAITER APP ) Customer Mobile Application ( MOBILE APP ) Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs ) When All Else Fails Selecting any one of this will provide you […]

1. Check the FAQs

OscarPOS Cloud is extremely configurable to suit most business situations. Being able to adjust the applications to how you operate is fantastic, but this complexity can be confusing for the new user When we get common questions about how to configure for a certain business model, we will make up a little FAQ that should help to […]

4. Submit a Support Request

Sometimes you just can’t find the right answer But that’s all kewl too Fill in a few details using the form below and our Support Team will get back to you If your site is not trading, call  us on our main office number ( 08 9331 3549 ) and follow the prompts