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OscarPOS Cloud allows your Mobile APP Customers to leave direct feedback on their Orders.

Some business owners are scared of feedback – unless it is good.

I want it all –  the good, the bad, the ugly. How else am i going to improve service levels if I don’t hear about any problems ?

The feedback functionality is a really useful tool for the business to identify strengths and weaknesses.

BOM - Customers - Feedback
BOM – Customers – Feedback

From your Back Office Management, navigate to Customers and select Feedback.

You may use the controls at the top of the screen to FILTER by Store, Subject or Period. Click <Apply> to  make it happen.

You can optionally <Search> as well as resize the columns and / or sort the time dependent columns by ascending or descending order.

To get more detailed information about the feedback, click on the line entry …

BOM - Customers - Feedback - Detail
BOM – Customers – Feedback – Detail
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