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OscarPOS Cloud uses Customer Groups to let you put your Customers into manageable units. Working with Customer Groups, instead of individual Customers, helps simplify the administration process, targeted promotions, etc

Creating customer groups is a great way to target your promotional campaigns and push marketing. I twill also allow you to take advantage of the powerful “Auto Filled” features.

By putting customers into groups you can do things like :

Apply a marketing strategy to only those customers who are “pensioners”

Create a discount on “Coffees” for your friendly “Police Force”.

Create multi-level loyalty schemes ( Check it out at Customer Loyalty Campaigns ).

Group Types

OscarPOS Cloud supports two types of Customer Groups

Manual Customer Group : This is a STATIC type of Group. From your BOM, it is up to you to add or remove your Customers from membership of a Group / Groups

Auto-Filled Customer Group : A DYNAMIC type of GROUP. BOM provides you with the ability to create rules / criteria. If a Customer satisfies a Group rule, BOM will automatically add them as a member of that Group. if a Customer no longer meets a Groups criteria, they are automatically removed from membership to that Group.

Group List

BOM - Customers - Groups - List
BOM – Customers – Groups – List

Navigate to OscarPOS Cloud BOM / Customers / Groups for a list of your current Customer Groups.

As with most of your BOM dialogues, you can resize columns, sort by ascending or descending, apply some filters and search.

Selecting a Group Name will give you detailed information on that Customer Group.

Selecting Number of Customers will drill down into a list of Customers who belong to that particular Customer group.

Creating Groups

BOM - Customers - Customer Groups - Add
BOM – Customers – Customer Groups – Add

Whether you are adding a Manual / Static Customer Group or a powerful Auto-Filled / Dynamic Customer Group, you will always start at the same place.

Navigate to BOM / Customers / Groups and select <Add Group>

  • Name* : Make sure it is something that tells you what this Customer Group is about. “Group1” is less helpful than “Male Customers with a Birthday in May”.
  • Description : Free text to tell you a bit more about what this Customer Group contains.
  • Set Points Limit : Put a tick in the box and you can set the max number of points members of this Group can use in the specified period.

Click on <Save> and you have created a Manual / Static Customer Group.

Want to get all fancy with Auto-Filled / Dynamic Customer Groups ?

Put a tick in <Auto Filled> and read on …

BOM - Customers - Customer Groups - Add - Auto Filled Dynamic
BOM – Customers – Customer Groups – Add – Auto Filled Dynamic

Add in the criteria that needs to be met for your Customer to be enrolled in your new Auto-Filled Customer Group.

Every hour the server will automatically re-scan your Customer List and add / remove Customers from matching Auto-Filled Customer Groups.

Managing Manual Group Membership

BOM - Customers - Customer List - Manually Add to Group
BOM – Customers – Customer List – Manually Add to Group

To manually add / remove a single Customer to a Customer Group

Navigate to your Customer whichever way suits you best

To add the customer  to a manual group / groups

    • Click “Groups” field
    • Select the desired group and repeat as necessary
    • Click <Update>

To remove the customer from a manual group / groups

    • Click the X next to the Group
    • Repeat as necessary
    • Click <Update>

To manually add / remove multiple Customers to a Customer Group

From the customers list, put a tick in all the Customers you want to add to a group / groups ( hint : use the filters to help create sort large lists )

To add multiple customers to manual groups

    • Click Add to Group
    • Select either “Add to All Groups” or select the desired groups
    • Click OK

To remove multiple customers from manual groups

    • Click Remove from Group
    • Select either “Remove from All Groups” or select the desired groups
    • Click OK

Please note that ALL customers are members of the Common Group and this cannot be changed.

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