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The customers list page of the Back Office Management console allows you to view and manage the list of your registered customers and their associated profile.

Creating customers is not only a way to track things.

With the powerful suite of integrated APPs in OscarPOS Cloud you can also push market to your customers.

Customers List

BOM - Customers - Customer List
BOM – Customers – Customer List

The column headers are :

  • Customer Name : The name your valued customer has registered with ( CLick the name to drill down for detailed information )
  • Last Visit : Number of days since last order
  • Total Spend : The total $ value expressed in the stores local currency
  • Avg Spend : The average $ value per order expressed in the stores local currency
  • Email : The registered email address
  • Phone Number : The registered phone number

Note that each of these columns can be sorted either ascending or descending. You may also “grab” the column ( immediately to the left of the column name ) and resize the width.

Control Elements

Across the top of the display are a number of elements that you can use to manipulate and maintain your customer database

BOM - Customers - Customer List - Filters
BOM – Customers – Customer List – Filters
  • Add : to enter a new customer into your BOM
  • Filter : to create really complex search arguments. This is great for when your list of customers grows. A bit more further down on Filtering & Sorting.
  • Import Customers : Here you can download a copy of the XLSX template that you can fill in and do a bulk import of your new customers
  • Search : enter a partial customer name, email address or phone number
  • Customer Group : Assuming you have created Customer Groups to help sort your clients, you can select the pull down and filter by a selected Customer Group
  • Add to Groups : if you put a TICK next to one or more Customers, you can then use this button to bulk add them to a predefined group or groups
  • Remove from Groups : Just like above, but backwards**
  • Add Group : here is where you create your Customer Groups. I like the Auto-Filled box as it allows you to prefill a new customer with some data

It is probably worth mentioning that any Customer who has downloaded and registered using your Mobile APP will also appear in Customer List as will any Customer that has been added via the POS APP and via BOM.

If you choose to manually enter customer data ( or do a data import ), use the correct phone number format. The MOB APP will then be able to recognise your customer correctly and save you time “merging customers” at a later date.

Sorting Customer List

BOM - Customers - Customer List - Sort Columns
BOM – Customers – Customer List – Sort Columns

Across the top of the Customer List are a number of Column Headers. By clicking on one or more of these you can sort the data in that Column Header as Ascending or Descending. Try it out 🙂

Filter Customer List

BOM - Customers - Customer List - Complex Filters
BOM – Customers – Customer List – Complex Filters

From the Customers / Customer List you can create complex filters by selecting the <Filter> button.

Enter your criteria and click <Filter>

To disable the filter, on the Filter Page select <Clear> and then <Filter>

Access the Customer Profile / Card

From the customer list you can easily access your customer profile and see such information as addresses, groups, email. gender, points, mobile registered, recent activity, points earnt, …

BOM - Customers - Customer List - Customer Card
BOM – Customers – Customer List – Customer Card
  • In the customer list click the customer NAME
  • Note you have 3 tabs of information :
    • General
    • Addresses
    • Recent Activity
  • Click Cancel to undo any changes
  • Click Update to save any changes
  • Use the arrow keys to step through the customer list

Add New Customer

The Customer List includes all your registered Customers. It is possible to populate this list by :

  • Adding a new customer from the POS APP ** put a link in here **
  • Adding a new customer from BOM / Customers / Customer List ( Read more below )
  • Automatically adding a new Customer when your Mobile APP is used

Add New Customer from BOM

Navigate to BOM / Customers / Customer List and select <Add>

BOM - Customers - Customer List - Add New
BOM – Customers – Customer List – Add New
  • First Name* : Customer first name
  • Last Name : Customer surname
  • Phone* : in the correct format ! +Country Code then Number with leading 0 dropped from area code or mobile number eg +61430123456. use mobile number if you intend to use the Mobile App.
  • Card Number : This is NOT Credit Card, but is “Loyalty Card” and will be auto-generated by BOM somewhat based on the Phone Number provided.
  • Gender : if required
  • Email : if required. Used for marketing.
  • Birth Date : if required
  • Notes : if required
  • New Address : if required
  • Groups : see discussion on Customer Groups *** add a link here ***

* Compulsory fields.

Note that if you manually add a customer, who then downloads your branded Mobile APP, the system will recognise your customer by the correctly formatted mobile phone number you entered,  and will update other fields as required. I have mentioned “correctly formatted mobile number” multiple times – it is an important point to stress to your staff.


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