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When processing ORDERS for DELIVERY you may configure DELIVERY CHARGES in one of two ways

FLAT RATE : where you can set minimum order value, free amount, delivery charge. Nice and simple. One rate.

DELIVERY ZONE : Where you can be very creative in how you set up your areas and pricing. Ideal for varying rates depending on delivery address.

This article is for Delivery Charges – Delivery Zone.

Delivery Charges – Delivery Zone

Where your STORE has different rates for different zones  suburbs  areas, you should define each zone, attach the zone to the STORE, and configure the charges.

You could have multiple STORES that have set DELIVERY ZONES that do not usually overlap. This is the sort of layout you would probably adopt in a franchise model.

Where a single STORE has overlapping DELIVERY ZONES, the lower DELIVERY CHARGE will be used.

Defining Your Delivery Zone

Navigate to BOM / Settings / Delivery Zones.

BOM - Settings - Delivery Zones
BOM – Settings – Delivery Zones

I love a menu with limited options 🙂

Select <Add Delivery Zone>

If you are prompted to “Allow Access” or “Location” select Yes or you will start off somewhere in Europe.

BOM - Settings - Delivery Zones - Add
BOM – Settings – Delivery Zones – Add
  • NAME : Give your Delivery Zone a name that makes sense.
  • Radio Button Draw Zones : To draw a new area by plotting points and lines.
  • Radio Button Edit Zones : To grab and drop existing points.
  • + / – : To zoom in and out.
  • Arrow Keys : To scroll left, right, up and down.
  • Click and hold Left Mouse Button : To drag the canvas about. Useful if you are in the middle of drawing & one of your points is off screen.
  • Scroll Wheel : To zoom in and out.

Usually you would draw out the Suburb you are going to deliver to.

You may decide to split a Suburb into two differently named Delivery Zones because one of them is a lot further away.

You could create a radius representing distance travelled – a bit fun to do as you are drawing polygons and you would need to exclude the “inner” one from the outer ones as the “overlapping delivery zone” rule will kick in. But it is definitely doable.

Need to move a boundary ? Select <Edit Zones> and you can drag and drop existing points.

You can have more than one area in a Delivery Zone. So you could surround one area with other areas.Or totally exclude an area from delivery ( Say a Hospital ).

BOM - Settings - Delivery Zones - Bibra Lake
BOM – Settings – Delivery Zones – Bibra Lake

When done, don’t forget to hit <Update>.

Using Your Delivery Zone

Now that you have your Delivery Zone hope over to Stores – Terms of Delivery to configure it.

Please see the article on Delivery Charges – Flat Rate for an alternate method.

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