Delivery Charges – Flat Rate

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When processing ORDERS for DELIVERY you may configure DELIVERY CHARGES in one of two ways

FLAT RATE : where you can set minimum order value, free amount, delivery charge. Nice and simple. One rate.

DELIVERY ZONE : Where you can be very creative in how you set up your areas and pricing. Ideal for varying rates depending on delivery address.

This article is for Delivery Charges – Flat Rate.

Delivery Charges – Flat Rate

Scroll down your BOM / Settings page to these fields …

C:\Users\User\Desktop\BOM - Settings - System Settings - Delivery Charges - Flat Rate.png
BOM – Settings – System Settings – Delivery Charges – Flat Rate
  • Minimum Delivery Amount : set the minimum dollar value you will deliver
  • Free Delivery Amount : set the dollar value after which you will deliver for free
  • Delivery Charge : set the dollar value you will charge to the customer to deliver their items.

Please see the article on Delivery Charges – Delivery Zone for an alternate method.






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