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OscarPOS Cloud contains a fully integrated Delivery Order system.

  • You can enter orders manually or receive them from directly from either your Mobile APP or WEB APP.
  • Set hours for delivery that are different to your trading hours.
  • Allow 24/7/365 receiving of orders.
  • In a multi store scenario, all orders could be routed through a central location.
  • You can define Minimum Order Values, Lead Times, Delivery Zones and charges.
  • Set payment options for cash or card onsite, as well as use the eWAY Payment Gateway to accept credit cards online.
  • Keep your Customer informed by sending configurable update notifications.
  • Track each stage of the order process and report on it – from received, to ready, to assigned to driver, to delivered and completed.
  • As part of your configuration options, you can assign a delivery cost for that driver. This means you can report on how many deliveries each of your drivers have done and how much you need to pay them.
  • You also get complete control over how much each driver has collected and “dropped” into the POS.
  • Alternatively, you could decide that you don’t need all this tracking & control, so set up your configuration and processes in a “simple” mode.

For this article, we will assume you want to know everything that is going on. There will be a section in this article on using a “simple mode”.

We also assume that you have enabled Delivery Mode and all of the prerequisites such as defining your Delivery Zones and Terms.

We have broken this discussion down into more manageable chunks


Short Cutting the Delivery Process

Your business model may be a very simple model.

Alternatively, you may not need to track or send notifications bout your Delivery Orders at all.

So what is the quickest way I can go from a New Delivery Order to Close Delivery Order ?

We have to do 1A or 1B

You could then jump straight to 7 which will prompt you to assign to a driver and do a money drop.

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