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OscarPOS Cloud Back Office is where you create preset manual discounts that your CSRs can select and apply to a sale

  • create manual discounts ( eg 10% off an order or certain items in the order ) that the CSR can then apply using the POS APP
  • role-based control allows you to define which members of staff are allowed to apply discounts
  • view a list of registered discounts
  • add new discounts
  • edit existing discounts
  • delete existing discounts

View a list of Discounts

In the left pane of Back Office Management ( BOM ), expand the Marketing node and then select Discounts

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  • Name : What you have called this Discount scheme
  • Type : You can create a Percentage Discount or a Cash Discount
  • Value : This will be either $ or %
  • Active: makes the selected discount active and therefore can no longer be chosen on the POS APP – I do NOT like deleting things – making it inactive is preferable

Add New Discounts

In the Discounts list, click Add

This opens the add discount form …

**insert image here**

  • Name : in this text box, specify the discount name to be displayed on the payment screen of POS APP
  • Type : from this list, select the discount type (possible discount types: Percentage Discount or Cash Discount)
  • Value : specify the discount value (in percentage or in currency units)
  • Active : turn on this toggle button to make this discount active
  • Description : enter here any optional description of this discount
  • Is Aggretable : turn on this toggle button to let this discount combine with other existing manual discounts
  • Stores : in a multi-store environment you can control at which store / stores htis discount can be selected by your CSRs. ( By default, this list includes all your registered stores )
  • Specify the target items or menu categories to which this discount applies :
  • All Items : select this option to apply this discounts to all menu items
  • Selected Categories : select this option and then specify menu categories to which this discount applies ( Optionally you can then exclude some items from selected categories )
  • Selected Items : select this option and then select <Add Items> to select menu items to which this discount applies

By playing with All / Selected / Excluded you can get very creative with your discounts :

Staff Discount : 100% on all items in the categories of Food and Coffee, but NOT on Alcohol

Police Discount : 100% on all items in the category COFFEE

Pensioner Discount : 20% on all items in the category Lunch Menu, but NOT on the item called “Chicken Parmigiana”

Edit Existing Discounts

In the Discounts list, click the NAME of the Discount scheme you want to edit

Amend any of the details you need to

See just above for the meaning of each field

Select <Update> to save your changes

Delete Discount / Discounts

Really ?

By now you should know that I prefer to make something INACTIVE rather than deleting it

But if you persist ….

From the list of discounts, select the discount / discounts to delete, and click Delete

Note : This operation permanently deletes selected discounts

To Temporarily suspend a discount, turn off its Active toggle button

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