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OscarPOS Cloud Customer Mobile APP for Orders, Loyalty, Gift Vouchers & Feedback
OscarPOS Cloud Customer Mobile APP for Orders, Loyalty, Gift Vouchers & Feedback

Great !

I have this wonderful Customer Mobile APP.

How do I go about getting it published on Google Play and the App Store ?

This can be a fussy process, but following the guide will make sure your Mobile APP gets published. If you get lost, please let us know.

We assume you have read Enhance Your Online Presence and are fully conversant with the different options you have and the features and benefits of each. As well as the requirements for the different APPs and the allowable payment options.

Email the following information to

  • Company name – the official name of your store.
  • Short description of your company for Google Play – 80 characters max including spaces.
  • Short description of your company for the App Store – 170 characters max including spaces.
  • Full description of your company for Google Play & the App Store – 4000 characters max including spaces..
  • A beautiful Logo – preferred are .ai or .eps but can also use .jpeg .png or .pdf

Remember that you are promoting this Mobile APP as way of selling your company and your products. Include information about the benefits of using your beautifully designed Mobile APP. Tell your potential customers all about your company and your products, Let them know about The benefits of using your Mobile app.

To be able to process online payments, we will need to set up an online payment gateway for you.

We will pass your details onto the provider who will then call you to set up a “merchant gateway”.

Please note that you MUST have a published “Privacy Policy” that your Mobile App can link back to. If you do not have one, we can help you set one up.

You and / or your company will become the developer of your Mobile APP for the App Store. For this to happen you need to create an Apple ID and join the Developer Programme.

Please note that this will take 3-5 business days ( or longer ) for Apple to process your application.

Once your Apple ID & Developer account are approved :

Provide with your Apple ID & password so that we can upload your Mobile APP.

While waiting for the approval of your Apple ID, you can move onto your Back Office Management.

You need to think about the Mobile APP workflow and how you want the customer experience to be managed. More on this will appear in the Knowledge Base. This can take a bit of lateral thinking to get it right – so please use us as your guides.

Images & Descriptions

One thing to remember is that your staff are not there to tell the Mobile App user how wonderful your products are.

This means you need to have delicious pictures and tantalising descriptions about every CATEGORY, ITEM and MODIFIER that is set as “Mobile Enabled”. ( A word of advice, do not use google images that you are not 100% certain are in the public domain. The last thing you want is to get into a copyright battle ).

Items List / Categories List

  • Upload a CATEGORY image for each CATEGORY that is going to be available on the Mobile APP.
  • Make sure the CATEGORY is set to Active.
  • Make sure it is Mobile Enabled.
  • Confirm it is availabled for the correct Stores.

Items List / Items List

  • Upload a spectacular image for each ITEM that is in a Mobile App enabled CATEGORY
  • Add a Description to each ITEM – your description has to replace what your staff would normally do to sell your fantastic products
  • Make sure the ITEM Active
  • Confirm it is enabled for the correct Stores
  • Need to use RELATED MODIFIERS to make sure the ITEM is ordered correctly ? Or maybe you want to do UPSELLS or ADDONS ? See Knowledge Base for more information.

Settings / Stores

Register all of your Stores and for each Store confirm :

Settings / Stores / Store Name / General Info

    • Name
    • Contact Person
    • Phone
    • Email
    • Country
    • State
    • Zip
    • Address
    • Business Type
    • Description
    • Time zone
    • Opening hours
    • Business Start Day ( Offset – this is NOT your opening time )
    • Legal Entity
    • Upload pictures for each store – storefront / interior / etc
    • Make sure that the Google API has correctly pinpointed your Store
    • If you are doing Deliveries make sure that each zone is correctly updated

Settings / Stores / Store Name / Store Settings

Not all settings here are related directly to the Mobile App, but :

    • Active – definitely on
    • Ask Mobile Tips – optional
    • Promo on the Mobile menu – optional, but if you do create a promotional banner ( 16:9 / 1024X576 )
    • Date & Time on the mobile menu – is applicable when you are using Dynamic Menus. When turned ON, Mobile App customers will be able to make future orders and see the menu for that future day / time

Settings / Web Site / General Settings

As part of the Mobile APP you also get an online portal that you can make some modifications to. You can make simple changes like colours & styles for the top bar, and text / button colours. You are also able to add codes for Google Analytic and Yandex Metrics to track web traffic to your online portal. There is also an option to add a static page. The static page is where you could put your  Privacy Policy if you do not already have an existing website.

Initially keep as default until your Mobile App has been published

More detail on each of these will be available in the Knowledge Base.


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