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OscarPOS Cloud has a fully integrated Gift Card module and will keep track of the currently unused $ value of your Gift Cards.

  • DEFINE : In your Back Office APP, define the parameters of your Gift Card Product / Products.
  • SELL : Use your POS APP / Waiter APP to sell / recharge / check Gift Cards using a unique identifier.
  • REDEEM : Use your POS APP to redeem Gift Cards as a payment on the checkout screen.
  • REPORT : Use your BOM to report on Gift Card Sales & Values.

Select the links above for more detail on each function.

A brief discussion on the “physical” nature of your gift cards is due about now …

  • OscarPOS Cloud Gift Cards are “virtual” and tracked internally with a unique identifier
  • The majority if customers want something “physical” to hang onto or present to another person
  • Your physical Gift Card could be :
    • Printed plastic cards, professionally designed,  with your business logo prominently displayed.
    • Business Cards – Not as durable as plastic but at $99 for 500 who is going to argue too much 🙂
    • Beautifully designed gift certificate on quality card
  • What you use is not all that important. Uniquely identifying each Gift Card is. The unique Gift Card Number could be presented using :
    • Human readable number
    • Bar code
    • QR code
    • RFID
    • MSR

GIFT CARDS are a form of TENDER and unused Gift Cards are a liability to your business. For a bit of light reading on the security of your Gift Card when deploying a scheme, check out this Sophos article.

This article is a discussion on the first stage – DEFINE – and will look at the different ways you can create your Gift Card Product. Note that you must do this BEFORE you can do anything else with a Gift Card.

View Gift Card Products


OscarPOS Cloud Gift Cards List Above are 3 Gift Card products that CSRs can sell or customers can buy using their Mobile APP

  • The top one is an open priced Gift Card … you can nominate the $ value when it is purchased
  • Gift Card $50.00 can be bought for $50.00 and redeemed for $50.00
  • Gift Card $100.00 can be redeemed for $100.00 but will only cost $90.00 to buy ( A great upselling incentive for prepaid services – or as promotions for the local footy club ! )

Add New Gift Card Products

WHERE : Back Office / Marketing / Gift Cards / Add New OscarPOS Cloud Gift Cards Add New

  • Name : This is what will appear on your POS APP and on customer receipts
  • Description : An optional description
  • Value : This is how many $ the Gift Card can be redeemed for
  • Price : This is how much you are going to sell this Gift Voucher for ( make it $0.00 to give away as promotions )
  • Active : Don’t want to sell anymore ? Just make it “inactive” and while you can’t sell any more of them, your customers can still redeem them
  • Open Amount : Enable this option and leave price $0.00 and you will be prompted for the value when you sell the Gift Card
  • Refundable : Turn this option OFF – Gift Cards should never be redeemable for cash
  • Rechargeable : means your customer can add extra value to the card. This works well in clubs where drinks are often prepaid. Or how about in a School Canteen where you want to control where your child is spending their lunch money ?

Don’t forget to click <save>

Your new Gift Card Product can now be sold, refilled or redeemed in POS APP and Waiter APP

Delete Gift Card Product

WHERE : Back Office / Marketing / Gift Cards

Why would you want to do this ? Seriously, just make it inactive OscarPOS Cloud gift cards inactive But if you do delete a Gift Card Produce, it will NOT delete Gift Cards that have already been issued using that Gift Card Product OscarPOS Cloud Gift Cards Delete

  • Select 1, more or all Gift Card products
  • Press <delete>

NOTE : This will permanently DELETE the chosen Gift Card Products, but will not delete any that have already issued

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