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ITEMS ( more commonly referred to as MENU ITEMS to avoid confusion with INVENTORY ITEMS ) are what you actually make available for sale via your POS APP, WEB APP, E-SHOP, MOB APP.

MENU ITEMS can be anything at all that you are going to sell and ( hopefully ) make a profit on. There are many options and settings you can make that affect the way this works.

Your MENU ITEMS can also be linked back to your INVENTORY ITEMS via RECIPES for STOCK CONTROL and COSTING.

You can organise their SORT ORDER, assign COMMON MODIFIER GROUPS, create complex IF / THEN structures using RELATED MODIFIERS, integrate into weighing scales, add images & descriptions, SKUs, EANs, assign PRODUCTION PRINTERS, TAX RATES, STORES, create date / time based availability, exclude from LOYALTY or GIFT CARDS…

When you are using STOCK CONTROL, VENDOR INVOICES will assign a COST to the INVENTORY ITEM, the RECIPE will apportion a COST to the MENU ITEM and the COMMON / RELATED MODIFIERS.

How you set up your MENU ITEMS will be very dependent on how your staff sell your wares and if you intend to give yourself an online presence enabling your customers to view and buy your goods and services.

This article will look at the options available.

The FAQs section will examine different scenarios for different Channels of Trade.

Think carefully about your ordering process and how you want to be selling in the future, before you start entering MENU ITEMS in your BOM.

Add New Menu Items

BOM - Items List - Items List - Add New Menu Item
BOM – Items List – Items List – Add New Menu Item

Navigate to BOM / Items List / Items List and click <ADD>


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