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A lot of your MENU ITEMS will be very similar, especially within the same CATEGORY. Tax, Store/s, Printer/s, Option/s, and Related Modifiers are often the same. The Name & Price will usually be the only difference.

With DUPLICATE you can very quickly replicate similar MENU ITEMS.

An example might be Steaks. They are different NAMES and PRICES, but Chef needs to know how they are to be cooked. So you create one of them with RELATED MODIFIERS and Kitchen Printer etc. Then DUPLICATE it and make the necessary tweaks.

Where you have lots of RELATED MODIFIERS with IMAGES, <DUPLICATE> can save you a lot of time.

Duplicate Menu Items

BOM - Items List - Items List - Duplicate
BOM – Items List – Items List – Duplicate

Select an existing MENU ITEM that you want to replicate and press <DUPLICATE>.

OscarPOS Cloud BOM will then create “MENU ITEM (2)” and copy the settings and related modifiers. You can then make your changes.

NOTE : While <DUPLICATE> will copy RELATED MODIFIERS, it will NOT add the new MENU ITEM   to COMMON MODIFIERS. You will need to do that manually.


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