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Depending on your ROLE, the POS APP will give you access to functions of the application. You might have access to :

  • Active Orders : Opens the Active Orders screen.
  • Closed Orders : View your Closed Orders.
  • Delivery : Mange your Delivery Orders.
  • Cash Drawer : Manage cash drawer operations.
  • Reports : Some reports have been made available at the POS APP.
  • Inventory : Receive Goods, Perform Write Offs and Stock Transfers.
  • Settings : Change your POS APP configuration.
  • Menu : Opens and closes this menu.

Once you have logged in and have an active shift, you can select <menu> from the ORDERS screen.

POS APP - Menu Commands
POS APP – Menu Commands

It is worth noting that the 4 icons at the bottom left will vary according to the current shift status.

Select one of the following for more detail :

  • Active Orders
  • Closed Orders
  • Delivery Orders
  • Cash Drawer
  • Reports
  • Inventory
  • Settings
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