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OscarPOS Cloud allows you to MODIFY an ITEM added to an ORDER.

A brief but important discussion on 3 alternate methods …

You could just  use ITEM COMMENT, but apart from being inefficient it does not allow you to control the price or quantity of the MODIFIER, you cannot deplete Stock on Hand, cannot have a cost associated with it and does not allow a logical flow for your CSRs or a user of your Customer Mobile App.

You could use RELATED MODIFIERS. These are fantastic where you have to make something COMPULSORY or control minimum / maximum quantities. You can also assign a price, or allow x number free but charge for the rest and they can be part of RECIPES for Stock Control and COSTING. Using a tree structure, you can create very complex scenarios. Their main disadvantage is that if you have a lot of ITEMS that follow the same structure, and you want to change it, you have to change each RELATED MODIFIER against on each ITEM.

Where you are not concerned about COMPULSORY / OPTIONAL / MINIMUM / MAXIMUM or following an upselling / addon process, then you should consider using COMMON MODIFIERS. They can also have RECIPES attached for COSTING and Stock Control and a fully reportable. In brief, you create one or more GROUPS of COMMON MODIFIERS and assign the MODIFIER GROUP to your ITEMS. For example, you may create Coffee Modifiers and assign it to all your coffee ITEMS. This way, if you add “A2 Milk at $0.80” as an option for your Coffees, you add “A2 Milk” to Coffee Modifiers ONCE and it is automatically added to all of your coffee ITEMS.

This discussion is about COMMON MODIFIERS.

View Modifiers List

In BOM / Items List select Modifiers List

BOM - Items List - Modifier List
BOM – Items List – Modifier List
  • Add New : Allows you to add a new COMMON MODIFIER and assign it to a MODIFIER GROUP
  • Duplicate : Tick the box and make a copy
  • Delete : Not really – moves it to the ARCHIVE
  • Edit Positions : Allows you to change the position of the MODIFIER in a list
  • Group : Filter by MODIFIER GROUP
  • Recipe Availability : Filter by with or without a RECIPE
  • Search : allows you to search all MODIFIERS for a specific name
  • Archive : This is where your “deleted” ones go – but not forever
  • Active : Whilst on allows the group to be used in the cloud system
  • Price : The price the customer gets charged
  • Current Cost : This comes from RECIPES and INVENTORY and VENDORS
  • Margin : You are only going to get his if you use Full Stock Control
  • Has Recipes : A quick visual symbol to let you know this MODIFIER is linked into your INVENTORY system.

Add New Modifier

In BOM / Items List / Modifiers List select <Add New>

BOM - Items List - Modifier List - Add New
BOM – Items List – Modifier List – Add New
  • Name : You will notice I have a few conventions with names. ALL of my modifiers are lower case and if there is a charge they begin with $. Chef is of course conscious about cost and portion control – so the $ just lets her know that the CSRs are not giving away free beans.
  • Group : Select the COMMON MODIFIER GROUP you want this MODIFIER to appear in.
  • Price : This is per time it is selected – but also see below for First Free Quantity
  • Current Cost & Margin : Comes from your RECIPES and INVENTORY CONTROL
  • Stores : I often forget this one 😐 No Store and it is not available.
  • Unlimited : makes sense for chargeable extras … but for NO or MINUS, I would set a Max Qty of 1.
  • First Free Qty : Maybe you let them have 1 for FREE and charge for the rest. Could get a bit messy with Mobile APP so just keep RELATED MODIFIERS in mind.
  • Image : Make it easier for your CSRs to find – but an absolute MUST have for anything that is Mobile APP enabled.
  • Description : Another MUST have for Mobile APP. You are not there to upsell these sexy beans to your customer. A ripping  picture and description will make hte sale for you.
  • Active : Turn it on and off at your leisure.
  • Update : To SAVE all of your hard work.

The other TABS for RECIPE, PRICE LISTS and EXPORT are covered elsewhere.


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