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For a a Reservation System to be truly useful, it needs be fully integrated into all of your software channels. You should not have to jump back and forth between a hand written diary, an online web portal and / or a mobile application.

A reservation should ideally be definable by “service type” and “default time duration”. A breakfast service is generally a shorter duration than a dinner service,  so you will want to be able to tweak the hours to get your table turnover to a maximum. You do not want to allow a customer to book a table at a time when you are not open. So your reservation system will integrate into your BOM defined Opening & Service Type Hours.

Where applicable, you should see a floorplan of the restaurant with windows, privacy screens, amenities,  … Just like selling your brilliant products, you should think about selling your table and its fantastic location. Where you have multiple floorplans, not all of them may be available for bookings.

While most people will think of reserving a table, there is nothing stopping you from defining the resource as a Squash Court, a Boat Bay or a person. Get out of that restrictive box and think laterally.

The interface you present to your customers needs to be appealing, have multiple views, a prominent Book Now button as a call to action, and be clear and simple to make a booking.

Safe and Secure ways to pay are paramount. Where applicable, offering to store the customers Credit Card details in a safe and secure manner not only makes your customer feel comfortable using your services, it also allows them to be repeat customers very quickly and easily.

While this topic really spans across multiple categories, I have chosen to make Point of Sale APP its “home”. After all, the POS APP is where you will be seeing these bookings most of the time.


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