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By now you are familiar with the idea of do it once and the different ways you can create an online presence. The importance of great slides, images and descriptions has also been covered.

ARTICLE : OscarPOS Cloud Do It Once

ARTICLE : Enhance Your Online Presence

You would also have seen the descriptive write up on Web Site Settings.

ARTICLE : WEB APP / Landing Page / Shopping Cart Settings

There are not many user adjustable settings on the MOBILE APP – the design team modify these at inception to match your provided logo and images.

While the Online Shopping Cart ( CART APP ) and Landing Page ( WEB APP ) are template based, there are many tweaks you can make to get the look that matches your business.

These could be as simple as changing the banner and button colours, changing the web font used, adding extra pages or injecting code.

There are 2 main “styles” that can be chosen, each with their own subset of options.

  • Style 1 : Based on W10
  • Style 2 : Based on Apple

There are too many possible permutations to cover them all. Instead I will look at each “option” and consider how it changes the appearance of the CART APP & WEB APP.

The following are not mean to replace Settings / Website, but to provide you with some visual ideas to get you on the right path to creating your online customer experience.

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