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Your POS is usually more than just software and a screen. There are many peripherals you can add to not only your POS but also on your network. You can even add peripherals that are in a different country – I have done that for testing, but why you would need to do that could be an interesting discussion.

POS APP - Menu - Settings - Hardware
POS APP – Menu – Settings – Hardware

To make adding, configuring & using your peripherals easier, OscarPOS Cloud includes a variety or preset devices. Selecting it from a pull down list and using the defaults will work. However, we also let you tweak the settings as well as set up devices that are not listed. If you don’t  use the defaults, then you may need to do a bit of Googling or trial and error to get the end result you require.

The hardware section on each POS is broken down into :

Select any of the above bullet points for a more detailed discussion of each.

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