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Receipt Printer WIFI
Receipt Printer WIFI

Receipt Printer

Receipt printers are generally thermal and use 80mm wide paper rolls. This is not written in stone and may vary to suit your business model. Given that you can email a receipt directly from your POS APP, you may not even need a receipt printer. This works really well for a small market stall running the POS APP on an Android tablet ( or mobile phone ).

Your receipt printer is not just for customer receipts. Your Tyro Integrated EFTPOS can use the receipt printer. You can also use it for production slips – as in printing ORDERS to be made by the Barista or Kitchen. Your receipt printer is also used to kick ( open ) your cash drawer..

While you can definitely use USB or serial printers, it is so much easier to use a printer that is network enabled with a static IP. With OscarPOS Cloud you do NOT need to use very expensive “web enabled” printers – just ones that have an ethernet port or that are WIFI enabled.

If you are going to use Android POS APPs or WAITER APPs, and you need to be able to print to different printers, definitely use ETH / WIFI. If you use SERIAL / USB, you will need to have at least one Windows PC and get kinky with RAWPRINT.

Only using your receipt printer as a receipt printer or you only have one POS and your receipt printer is also your kitchen printer ? Then SERIAL or USB is the quickest.

Our support team will happily advise you on creating an architecture that suits your current situation, whilst allowing for easy expansion in the future.

Configure Your Printer

Refer to your manual but basically :

Serial – Plug it in.

USB – Always install the driver BEFORE you plug it in.

ETH / WIFI – This will vary according to the printer you are using. Generally there will be a programme you can run ( ETHCONFIG, PRINTER SET, NETCONFIG ) or a browser based interface you can use to give your printer a static IP. You could also tell your wan / wap / modem / router to reserve an address for the printers MAC Address so that the printer is ALWAYS the same IP.

Install Your Printer in Windows

How this happens will depend on the printer interface you are using.

Serial – Add as a local printer.

USB – Add as a local printer.

ETH / WIFI – Add as a network printer.

With ETH/WIFI, I like to Create a New TCP/IP Port using the static / reserved IP address. The choice is yours 🙂

POS APP - Menu - Settings - Hardware - Windows Installed Printers
POS APP – Menu – Settings – Hardware – Windows Installed Printers

I will generally rename the printer in Windows Devices & Printers to something that makes sense – in this case Receipt Printer sounds like a good name to use.

Do a Windows Test Print it to make sure it all works before proceeding.

Setup in Your POS APP

Navigate to POS APP / Settings / Hardware

POS APP - Menu - Settings - Hardware Receipt Printer - Select
POS APP – Menu – Settings – Hardware Receipt Printer – Select

As we have installed our printer in Windows, we can select it as a system available  (SYS). Pretty much every printer emulates Epson, so if your printer make is not listed select either :

  • An Epson one ( making sure you select thermal for thermal and not DMP ! ).
  • System Printer ( For advanced users ).

You can then select CONFIGURE and further tweak settings to suit your business model.

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