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The OscarPOS Cloud POS APP supports an additional screen that displays real time information about ORDER statuses. The Customer Facing Orders Screen lets your customers monitor their order ( “In Progress” or “Ready” ).  This feature is useful for short order restaurants and takeaway venues.

For this to work, you cannot automatically close orders.

  • When you receive a new ORDER you need to set it as IN PROGRESS.
  • When the ORDER is ready for the CUSTOMER to collect you will set the status to DONE.
  • When the CUSTOMER has picked up their ORDER, you set it to COMPLETED
POS APP - Customer Orders Screen
POS APP – Customer Orders Screen

Selecting Your Hardware

Your chosen hardware may ( or may not ) be able to support this feature.

You could use one of our Delta POS with a built in customer screen.

You could use an external monitor ( or TV ) plugged into the 2nd display port ( VGA or HDMI depending on the POS configuration ).

Maybe use a USB to VGA/HDMI adaptor to give you a 3rd screen – so you end up with the cashier screen, a customer / promotional display screen, as well as an order status screen.

You could always set up a low cost Windows PC with multiple video cards / adaptors to drive all of your extra displays.

I haven’t tried Chrome Casting, but that might also be an alternative.

Mount it on the wall behind the counter, alongside the OscarPOS Cloud driven MENU BOARDS  or hang it from the ceiling using a suitable pole.

You also need to consider if you are using Windows or Android.

If in doubt, your OscarPOS Support Team will always be here to help you.

Configure the Customer Facing Orders Screen

POS APP - Menu - Settings - Orders Screen

POS APP – Menu – Settings – Orders Screen

Once you have connected your additional screen to be used as your Customer Facing Orders Screen, OscarPOS Cloud POS APP will detect it and list it as available.

NOTE : If the host that runs the POS APP only has a single monitor, you cannot use this feature.

  • In the POS APP menu on the host, select Menu / Additional Screens / Orders Screen
  • From the USE DISPLAY list, select the monitor number by ticking the correct box.
    • If you are unsure of the monitor number to use, in Windows it corresponds to the Windows “identify” number
  • A Promotional Image can be displayed when there are no ORERS in PROGRESS.
    • Click on <Select File> and navigate to the image you want to use
  • Select the ORDER TYPES that you want to be shown. It probably makes sense to only select Quick Service and Take Out
    • Quick Service
    • Take Out
    • Dine In
    • Delivery
  • Promotional Broadcast is a great way to up-sell and push add-ons. Select this check box and PROMOTIONS will be displayed when you have no ORDERS that match the given criteria.
    • Enabling both Promotional Image & Promotional Broadcast is not recommended


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