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When a new ORDER is received by the POS APP, you have the ability to enable different notifications. These can be a sound, popup or even a desktop widget. Even if you don’t receive online orders, this is a great way to trap an order that hasn’t been put into production yet.

This is also where you can integrate into Glaz Systems for security and  monitoring. For more information on using this security feature, please contact our office.

POS APP - Menu - Settings - Notifications
POS APP – Menu – Settings – Notifications

New Order Notifiications

Sound Notifications : Tick to enable audio prompt for NEW ORDERS.

Notification Sound : Select the audio prompt you prefer.

Notification Interval : Adjust to suit your business needs.

Popup Enabled : Get an on screen message that is very hard to miss.

Show Widget : An onscreen prompt showing the number of  NEW ORDERS. You can grab this little widget and move it about the screen.

Glaz Systems

You may have  heard of the old style Cash Cam, where the current receipt would be superimposed over a video recording of the cashier station. This is like that, but on steroids. Glaz Systems is a fully integrated suite of APPS with your business security in mind. Check out the video on their main page and be sure to contact us for more information.

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