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OscarPOS Cloud Integrates POS, BOS, Kitchen, Mobile, Online Orders and more
OscarPOS Cloud Integrates POS, BOS, Kitchen, Mobile, Online Orders and more


Your OscarPOS Cloud POS APP has the integration for Tyro EFTPOS built in and is included as part of your SAAS at no additional charge.

Integrated EFTPOS is where the sale value from the POS is sent, by the POS APP, to your EFTPOS pinpad. The pinpad and gateway / acquirer / bank will accept this data and use to to either Approve or Decline the amount. This decision is passed back to the POS APP and the sale is either finalised or an error message is generated.


How long does all of this processing take ?

About 1.6 seconds.

How much does it cost your customer ?

Well that is up to you. Some retailers will absorb the cost as an overhead. Others may choose to pass the cost on. Whichever you do, Tyro will automatically use “Least Cost Routing” that is discussed later in this article. If you pass the cost on, do not run foul of ACCC legislation. Further down we look at “Dynamic Surcharging” which keeps you on the right side of the law.

How much does this cost you as the merchant ?

Rates vary greatly depending on if you talk to a generic call centre or a specialist reseller. Always contact us first and we will put you in touch with the most competitive option. ( Even if you aren’t using OscarPOS for your POS solution ).

As the merchant, can I pass this cost onto the customer ?

Definitely ! By using “Least Cost Routing” and “Dynamic Surcharging” and integrating your Tyro pinpad into your POS APP, you & your customer get the lowest cost and a super fast and accurate process.

Is there a benefit to integrating my POS and EFTPOS ?

There are many reasons for integrating your POS and EFTPOS pinpads, but shamelessly lifted from the Tyro website …

Why would I choose Integrated EFTPOS over standalone EFTPOS ?

Integrated EFTPOS is now becoming the default option for businesses. This is because it allows you to serve customers faster and streamline reconciliation by connecting your Point of Sale with the Tyro machine so that the Tyro machine becomes an extension of the POS.

With this capability, there is no need to re-key sale amount in the machine, the POS Integration will do this for you. 

This speeds up transaction time, and prevents keying errors.

You can find more information on the benefits of integration here.

Tyro Website

Mix and match the following steps as required :

  1. Download, Install & Configure TTA
  2. Configure your Tyro Portal for Dynamic Surcharging
  3. Configure your pinpads for Dynamic Surcharging
  4. Configure your pinpads for Cash Out
  5. Configure your POS APP Hardware to use Tyro EFTPOS
  6. Configure your POS APP Software to use Tyro Integrated EFTPOS


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