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OscarPOS Cloud Integrates POS, BOS, Kitchen, Mobile, Online Orders and more
OscarPOS Cloud Integrates POS, BOS, Kitchen, Mobile, Online Orders and more

Configure Your Portal & Pinpad

Doesn’t matter if you have a brand new Tyro pinpad or an existing one, the setup process is basically the same. This section does not replace your included Tyro guides, but is a brief look at the settings required for use with your OscarPOS Cloud POS APP.

We are assuming you have unpacked and powered up your pinpad, that you have set an ADMIN and REFUND password, that you have connected to your network ( or the mobile network ) etc.

If you get stuck, just give the support team a call and we will happily walk you through the process.

Configure Surcharging in Your Tyro Merchant Portal

Refer to the Tyro Website for this.

“Set All Recommended” is a great way to keep the ACCC happy.

Once done, reboot each pinpad to force an update ( usually press and hold the yellow button and follow the prompts ).

Enable Surcharging on Each Pinpad


5 Configuration

9 Surcharging

1 Enable

Enable “Cash Out” on Each Pinpad


5 Configuration

4 Cash out

1 Enable

Tyro Terminal Adaptor

Tyro have published a nice simple step by step guide with instructions on how to pair your TTA and pinpads here.

This is also where you can setup your printing options.

Tyro - TTA - Printing Options
Tyro – TTA – Printing Options

Print on Tyro

This will use the printer built into your Pinpad.

It will also allow you to OPTIONALLY print a customer copy of the EFTPOS docket.

Print Locally

This will use the receipt printer attached to the POS.

You have no control over printing a Customer EFTPOS docket.

You have some control over printing a Merchant EFTPOS docket.

Express Payments Receipts

On each pinpad you can disable the printing of merchant EFTPOS dockets.


5 Configuration

7 Express Payments

1 No Merchant Receipts

Please note that some banks, card types, minimum values will FORCE print a merchant Copy. This is controlled by the card issuer and we have no control over that process.

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