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There really is no such term as COMPANION ITEMS in OscarPOS Cloud.

That doesn’t mean I can’t make it happen though 🙂

Let’s say you have a special deal happening where you get to choose some ITEMS and get other ITEMS as part of the deal.

You want to be able to add those other ITEMS to the customers receipt, take them out of stock and send them to a kitchen printer for production.

You ‘could’ manually add them & price override them – what a waste of time.

Also these wouldn’t get added to an online ORDER – unless you added them manually.

Companion Items via Promotion

Let’s do this by example

So you have Meal Deal comprising     ;

a chicken that could be bbq or spicy

a large biryani rice

1 1.25Litre Drink

Firstly create your 3 * ITEMS and price them as individual so you can sell them separately.

Then create an ITEM called “Meal Deal”

For this discussion I have put them all under one CATEGORY – but in the real world that won’t happen 🙂

BOM - Promotional Campaigns - Companion Products
BOM – Promotional Campaigns – Companion Products

So now I can sell each of these ITEMS individually, but what I want to do is to be able to select <Meal Deal> and get the Chicken ( either bbq or spicy ), the Biryani & PET automatically added.

Head off to BOM / Marketing / Promotional Campaigns and <Add New>

General Info : Call it something that makes sense “Meal Deal Companion Products”

Target Audience : will usually be everybody – but make sure you set the STORE

Items : Selected Items & you want to add Meal Deal

Order Types : Leave blank or set to what suits

Receipt Terms : leave blank or set a minimum dollar value

Time Terms : When active or set your times to suit

Awards : will be “Free Items” & you want to select Biryani Rice Large & PET 1.25Litre

Don’t forget to <save> all your hard work.

BOM - Promotional Campaigns - Companion Products 2
BOM – Promotional Campaigns – Companion Products

Try It on Your POS APP

Select Meal Deal

ITEMS will be added to the ORDER and any RELATED MODIFIERS will be PROMPTED for

BOM - Promotional Campaigns - Companion Products

BOM – Promotional Campaigns – Companion Products

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