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This is really a sub-set of Promotional Campaigns but I reckon there will be a lot of interest in this one so it deserves an article all of its own.

How many of you have business card sized OFFERS in your wallet ?

Some with stamps, some with punched holes, to show how many ITEMS you have bought.

What if you could offer your customer an electronic version ?

That your customer could use across one ( or all ) of your STORES ?

If you also use the MOB APP, your customer can also keep track of when they are due a FREE “coffee”.

Order Types – Important Notes

You have a number of options that you can select in your PROMOTION for ORDER TYPE.

You need to be aware of what they are in BOM and their meaning to the POS APP in deciding to apply a PROMOTION or not.

BOM - Promotional Campaigns - Order Types
BOM – Promotional Campaigns – Order Types

Let’s see how these “map” to the POS APP

BOM - Promotional Campaigns - Order Type Mappings
BOM – Promotional Campaigns – Order Type Mappings

TakeOut is what the Android POS APP uses.

Specifying Dine In or Take Out on a QSR Order will NOT trigger a PROMOTION based on ORDER TYPE. Quick / QSR is the criteria. This is important to keep in mind if you are trying to use QSR with different PROMOTIONS.

Create the Promotional Campaign

Follow the main link here for a refresher and tweak it for how you want it to work.

Example – 5th Coffee Free

BOM - Promotional Campaigns - Free Items Optional
BOM – Promotional Campaigns – Free Items Optional

In this example I have :


General Info

Uploaded a nice bright promo banner.

Given it a name that means something.

Target Audience

Selected “all registered customers” because we need to let OscarPOS keep track of how many ITEMS have been previously purchased.


Selected SET and my COFFEE CATEGORY.

Enabled “Cover all orders of customer …” so that we can keep track of how many coffees have been purchased by the customer.

Set “Common Quantity” to 4 ( when there is a history of 4 “coffees” ).

Order Types


Order Source Types


Promo Code


Set Limit … Per Period


Receipt Terms


Time Terms

When Active.


Free Items (Optional).

Chosen from my COFFEE CATEGORY.

The FREE quantity is 1.

Don’t forget to press <update>.

Basically I am saying … when the registered customer has a history of buying 4 coffees ( I don’t care if they are dine in or take out, nor do I care if they are ordered on the MOB APP, WEB APP or the POS APP ), offer him / her the 5th one for FREE.

What Will You See on the POS APP

Once you have done a <MENU SYNCH>, the POS APP & your BOM will start keeping track of your new PROMOTION.

Nothing will happen for a few days – until the REGISTERED CUSTOMER has purchased 4 ITEMS from your chosen CATEGORY. Please note that nothing will ever happen if you do not add your CUSTOMER to the ORDER.

  1. add your CUSTOMER to the ORDER
  2. add ITEMS to the ORDER
  3. IF you add a COFFEE to the ORDER and this will be the 4th COFFEE, the POS APP will ask you if you want to add a FREE coffee. As this is FREE OPTIONAL you can either select <cancel> or select another COFFEE and <add>.
BOM - Promotional Campaigns - Free Items Optional - POS APP
BOM – Promotional Campaigns – Free Items Optional – POS APP

Some Gotchyas

As there is no way to create an automatic link between your POS APP and your CUSTOMER’s brain, there is no way to automatically decide that your CUSTOMER wants his / her free coffee now. I often do not take my FREE coffee immediately, but leave it until I forget my wallet 😐

This means you MAY have to delete a chargeable COFFEE, but remember, that chargeable coffee could be the 4th one … so if you <add> a free coffee and then delete the chargeable one, you will also delete the free one.

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