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This is really a sub-set of Promotional Campaigns but I reckon there will be a lot of interest in this one so it deserves an article all of its own.

Often a simple Discount / Surcharge just doesn’t cut it.

Recently we have added the ability for a PROMOTIONAL CAMPAIGN to trigger a PRICE LIST.

So you could create a PROMOTIONAL CAMPAIGN for ALL CUSTOMERS that turns on / off to a schedule and used a PRICE LIST called “Public Holiday”.

How about a CUSTOMER GROUP that received a “Wholesale Price” ?

What about a TAKEAWAY, DELIVERY and DINE IN price that are all different ?

Order Types – Important Notes

You have a number of options that you can select in your PROMOTION for ORDER TYPE.

You need to be aware of what they are in BOM and their meaning to the POS APP in deciding to apply a PROMOTION or not.

BOM - Promotional Campaigns - Order Types
BOM – Promotional Campaigns – Order Types

Let’s see how these “map” to the POS APP

BOM - Promotional Campaigns - Order Type Mappings
BOM – Promotional Campaigns – Order Type Mappings

TakeOut is what the Android POS APP uses.

Specifying Dine In or Take Out on a QSR Order will NOT trigger a PROMOTION based on ORDER TYPE. Quick / QSR is the criteria. This is important to keep in mind if you are trying to use QSR with different price lists.

Let’s see how we could do dine in and take away prices by the example of using a PRICELIST based on ORDER TYPE.

1. Create the Price List

Follow the main link here and tweak it for how you want it to work. In this example Dine In Price will be “Base Price List”. I have just used a “markdown of 10%” to create a “TakeAway Price List”but you could go through and adjust each one individually.

BOM - Price Lists - TakeAway Example
BOM – Price Lists – TakeAway Example

2. Create the Promotional Campaign

Follow the main link here for a refresher and tweak it for how you want it to work.

Example #1 – Use a TakeAway Price for TakeAway Orders

BOM - Promotional Campaigns - Awards - Price List
BOM – Promotional Campaigns – Awards – Price List

In this example I have :

Uploaded a nice bright promo banner

Given it a name that means something

Selected “all registered customers” coz I want their details for marketing to

Selected “all items”

For ORDER TYPES it has been limited to “Take Out”

RECEIPT TERMS has had no minimum spend set

TIME TERMS is “when active”

For “AWARDS my new “TakeAway Price List” has been chosen

Setting the PRIORITY to 1 will make sure this PROMO gets triggered before anything else does

I also remembered to press <UPDATE>

Example #2 – Use a Different Price for Recording Orders from a Non-Integrated Platform eg DoorDash, Deliveroo, …

Often these platforms have their own devices & pricing structures. Also, you have very little detail on the end user. Yet you want to record the sale detail through the POS APP, Generate Kitchen Dockets and be able to report on sales generated through this channel. It would also be nice to have a way to reconcile the payment received.

For this example we have a new service called Dingo Dan’s Deliveries who have their own pricing structure.

Create the “DDD” PRICELIST

Create a new CUSTOMER GROUP called “DDD” ( if you had multiple platforms all using the same price list, you would call it something else that makes sense to you )

Create the “DDD” CUSTOMER & out him in your new CUSTOMER GROUP

Create the PROMOTION with CRITERIA to trigger the use of your new PRICELIST

    • marketing / promotional campaigns / add new
    • General Info : Something that makes sense to you – no image needed
    • Target Audience : Set to CUSTOMER GROUP = DDD
    • Items : Set to ALL
    • Order Types : Set to Quick and / or TakeOut
    • Source Types : Set to Terminal
    • Promo Code : Leave blank
    • Set Limit : Leave Blank
    • Receipt Terms : Leave Blank
    • Time Terms : Set to When Active
    • Awards : Set to PRICELIST = DDD
    • <UPDATE>
    • Turn OFF Mobile Enabled

Create a PAYMENT METHOD called DDD

Now test out your great work …

  1. Start a new TAKEAWAY / QSR ORDER
  2. Add the ITEMS
  3. Set the CUSTOMER to DDD
  4. Watch your prices change to your special PRICELIST
  5. Select Checkout / Custom Type / DDD

You can do 2 or 3 first … it doesn’t matter

You can now use your BOM Reporting to reconcile Dingo Dan’s Deliveries to the payment you eventually receive from them.

If you are doing LOYALTY via PROMOTION, you will probably want to EXCLUDE the DDD CUSTOMER GROUP.


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