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OscarPOS Cloud Back Office is where you create preset automatic promotions that get applied AUTOMATICALLY on your POS APP or Mobile APP

Promotional campaigns are more complex that a “simple” Discount and can be targeted, may have active times and earn different awards

Promotional Campaigns can also be created to incentivise / award your sales staff

View a list of Promotional Campaigns

In the left pane of Back Office Management ( BOM ), expand the Marketing node and then select Promotional Campaigns

BOM - Promotional Campaigns - List
BOM – Promotional Campaigns – List
  • Name : What you have called this Promotional Campaign
  • Description : A few choice words so you know what this Promotional Campaign does
  • Priority : Some POS systems will only allow an ITEM to appear in a single ACTIVE promotion. OscarPOS Cloud lets one item appear in multiple campaigns. You just decide which one takes preference
  • Start : You can optionally turn your campaign on automatically at preset dates / times
  • End : Similarly you turn it off. Think of Happy Hour or a lunchtime promotion that only runs Monday to Wednesday from 1130 to 13:30
  • Active: makes the selected discount active and therefore can no longer be chosen on the POS APP – I do NOT like deleting things – making it inactive is preferable
  • Mobile Enabled : When you are using our fantastic Mobile APP you have the option of including your Mobile APP customers. Once we start digging into promotions a bit more, you will see that you can target specific groups of your customers too !

Add New Promotional Campaign

In the Promotional Campaign list, click Add New

BOM - Promotional Campaigns - Add New
BOM – Promotional Campaigns – Add New
  • General Info
    • Image : Click the image tile to add a nice picture
    • Name : What you have called this Promotional Campaign
    • Description : A few choice words so you know what this Promotional Campaign does
    • NOTE :  These 3 are visible in the Customer Mobile APP – So make it look good and sell your promotion – Remember your CSRs are not there to make the sale / upsell / addon – So you need great images and words !
  • Target Audience
    • All Registered Customers : When enabled, this Promotional Campaign is available to all your registered customers ie Mobile APP or those where the CSR selects a customer on the POS APP
    • All Customers : No need to select a registered customer – everybody gets it
    • Customer Groups : You can put your registered customers into groups. These could be age or sex or location or any other arbitrary grouping method you choose. This selection allows you to target your promotion even further. ( Hint : If you want to make your new PROMO available to ONLY registered Mobile APP Users, then create an Auto-Filled Customer Group for Registered on Mobile ).
    • Stores : Don’t forget that OscarPOS Cloud is Multi-Store, so you can limit the Promotional Campaign to set stores
  • Items
    • All items : This is the default, but you can limit this as you desire
    • Selected Categories : Make it apply to only the Coffee category ( eg 100% Discount on all coffee items to the Police ). Note that once you have chosen a Category you can optionally Exclude Items within that category
    • Selected Items : turn this on and you can then go through each item and click + to add that item to your Marketing Campaign
    • Set : Here you have 3 options
      • Cover All Items of Customer from the Date of Promotion Creation : This is one way to get rid of stamps and little squares. You could create a SET of 5 coffees and the POS APP will automatically go back through the Customer sales history and apply as part of the criteria used.
      • Add Items : Works the same as Selected Items, but you can define how many of each ITEM are required to meet the PROMO criteria
      • Add Categories : Here you can select the entire CATEGORY or multiple CATEGORIES, as well as define how many ITEMS from each are required to trigger the PROMO
  • Order Types : Leave blank or limit the PROMO to only certain types of ORDERS. This works well with a Takeaway Price List.
  • Order Source Types : Leave blank or limit to ORDER created at the POS, on the WEB Shop or your Mobile APP.
  • Receipt Terms : You can optionally set a minimum receipt value for the PROMO to kick in
  • Time Terms
    • When Campaign is set to Active : uses the Active status from the Promotional Campaign List in conjunction with Set time period eg every Tuesday and Thursday between 1000 and 1400
    • Specified Time : Set a Start and End date, then select Specified Time and Set Time Period.
    • Apply at Order Creation or Receiving Time : These are really only applicable if you allow 24/7 receiving of ORDERS. If in doubt, leave at the default setting.
  • Awards
    • Discounts : Select either Cash or Percentage and set the value
    • Points : Here you can not only award your Customer, but create an Award programme for your staff
      • Award Employee who Created the Order
      • Award the Employee who got Paid for the Order
      • Award the Customer with Points for Dollars Spent
    • Free Items : Select Add Free Items and then + items to your Marketing Campaign
    • Free Items ( Optional ) : Add CATEGORIE/S or separate ITEM/S and define how many your customer can optionally choose from.
    • Price List : You could create a Wholesale Price List or one for Public Holiday.


Sometimes an item can be in more than one Campaign. Some systems I have  used will only allow an item to appear in only one active promotion at a time. With OscarPOS Cloud, an item can appear in many active promotions, but YOU want to control which one takes precedence.

As an example, You have two campaigns running :


If you have A.B & C in an ORDER, this could be seen as a partial match of the first promotion and get triggered.

So if your PROMO is not triggering how you expected it to, move the more expensive ( more complex ) one to the top of the list.

I have seen some POS Systems that will look at all matching PROMOS and use the one that is the best value for the customer. I have also had to deal with support calls where the customer does not want the promo the POS recommends, even if it ends  up costing them more. So we let you decide on how the PROMOS are weighted.

Changing priority is simple :

Click the Priorities button

Drag & Drop the campaigns into the order you want

Click Save

Delete Promotional Campaign

You are still persisting with deleting things ?

Just make it INACTIVE 🙂

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