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OscarPOS Cloud can send your Mobile APP users PUSH notifications about the current status of their ORDER. Your Back Office lets you configure this Push Messaging service. Depending on your business model, you can turn the setting on or off according to the ORDER STATUS.

Please note that if your Customer said “No” to allowing PUSH NOTIFICATIONS, then your Customer will NOT receive your updates.

Available Notifications

Navigate to BOM / Notifications / Push Settings.

BOM - Notification Centre - Push Settings
BOM – Notification Centre – Push Settings

Here you can see the ORDER STATUS ( Under Notification ). When the Notification is set to Active, the Mobile APP user will be sent a Push Notification to advise of the ORDER STATUS change.

You get to decide what ORDER STATUS triggers a push message.

If you are delivering pizza, you may decide that it is annoying to tell your Customer that you have CLOSED their ORDER. So just toggle it OFF.

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