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Given the large number of mobile devices in use today, you really want to take advantage of their ability to open up your web site, landing page, eSHOP, social media campaigns or e-commerce web site.

No need to use long URLs anymore – Just create a QR Code of type URL.

Don’t forget to refer to the other articles on DYNAMIC vs STATIC, but usually a URL does not change, so you can just use STATIC … which of course is also FREE.

Data Type

As we are linking to a web address, we will of course be using the type called URL.

This is probably the easiest type to use as it it exactly what you would type into your favourite web browser.

Linking to your OscarPOS Cloud eSHOP is a bit more complex. Please reach out to us for the correct URL to use.

Create the QR Code

By example, this one will connect to our OscarPOS Cloud web site.

Oscar POS Cloud - QR Code Generator - URL
Oscar POS Cloud – QR Code Generator – URL

Test, Test & Test Again

QRCODE - OscarPOS Cloud Web Site
QRCODE – OscarPOS Cloud Web Site

As always, make sure it works BEFORE you go ahead and publish it 🙂


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