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When you issue a Gift Card from your OscarPOS APP, you need to give it a unique tracking number. OscarPOS Cloud will then keep a tally of how much is still available to be “spent”.

Gift Cards can also be made to be RECHARGABLE. This means you could create a prepaid drinks card to minimise the amount of cash being handled by staff in a very busy situation.

Would you use sequential numbers ? ie 0001, 0002, 0003 ? That doesn’t sound very secure. Given that you can just SCAN a QR CODE, you could use a mix of alpha / numerics.

Data Type

Keep it simple and select Static / Text.

Design your Card

For durability, I like plastic cards which are ideal for RECHARGES.

Given that I often see printers advertising 500 business cards for $99.00, they would be a great alternative for when you don’t need a lot of durability.

Give your printer your QR Code requirement and you are all set 🙂

Here is one I prepared earlier ….

OscarPOS Cloud - QR Code - Prepaid Drinks Voucher
OscarPOS Cloud – QR Code – Prepaid Drinks Voucher

I even added a human readable version of the QR Code, just in case your 2D scanner dies.

Using your Gift Card / Prepaid Voucher

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