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There are a number of options out there for creating your QR Code.

Some of these are paid services.

Some of these I have used in the past, only have them disappear.

The QR Code Generator is a nice simple and easy interface to use. Create static or dynamic, but you will be required to “sign in” to make dynamic ones.

QR Code Generator is a bit more complex, but will allow you to get a bit more creative.  It also has some great marketing ideas you can borrow. Create static or dynamic, but you will be required to “sign up” to make dynamic ones.

Your First QR Code

The possible steps are :

  1. Choose your content type. Common ones include :
    • URL – to open a web address
    • VCard – saves contact details
    • Text – just displays plain text
    • Email – sends to predefined address
    • SMS – sends to predefined number
    • WIFI – connects to the network
    • APP Stores – Dynamically download an APP
  2. Enter the required data
    • See related articles on OscarPOS Cloud data / usages
    • Look for the Tag “QR Codes”
  3. Static or Dynamic
    • Static : Required data can’t be changed after creating
    • Dynamic : You can change the data “in the background”. Usually requires some sort of sign up. HDFC Bank explains this better than I do 🙂
  4. Add customisations
    • Frame styles
    • Shape
    • Colour
    • Business logo
  5. Test it BEFORE you start publishing it
    • Test it once on Android
    • Test it again on iPhone
    • Test it again on different devices
  6. Tell the world about your new QR Code
    • Facebook
    • Email signature
    • Pizza boxes
    • Flyers
    • Window decals
    • Business cards
    • Vehicle signage
    • Websites
  7. Hubspot has a great article on Tracking performance
    • Include UTM Tracking codes on Google Analytics

Static or Dynamic ?

Below is an example of a very simple QR Code for a URL.

QR Code Generator OscarPOS Cloud
QR Code Generator OscarPOS Cloud

This one is more complex and required a “FREE” sign up. Well, it gave me 15 days FREE then wants a monthly commitment. It also allows for DYNAMIC QR Codes ( ie I can keep the same QR CODE but make it do different things ). It is important to check, but each DYNAMIC code redirects from a 3rd party server – so if you do not pay for this service, the Dynamic QR Code will stop working, but from under $100 a year, it is cheaper than reprinting everything.

QR Code Generator OscarPOS Cloud Dynamic
QR Code Generator OscarPOS Cloud Dynamic


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