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While this article is called “Quickly Add a Customer to an Order”, it also readily expands to memberships, loyalty campaigns, …. Pretty much anytime you need to “track” the sale to a “customer” to invoke a set of criteria.

You are of course familiar with the process to manually add a customer to the ORDER.

It would be so much quicker to just scan a member or loyalty card.

Determine Data Type

Before you even think about creating a QR Code, you must know the type of DATA you will be using.

The OscarPOS Cloud APP will let you do partial searches on a customer. The key word here is “partial”.

  • Search for FRED and you will also get Frederick, Frederica, Alfred, Freddy, ….
  • Search for 0402 will return ALL the phone numbers beginning with AND containing  the numbers 0402 AND any address that has 0402 in it
  • If you decide your customer / member number is 123, you will get partial matches on phone numbers, addresses

Ideally, your QR CODE wants to be UNIQUE to your customer and be complex enough to NOT match any partials. That way, when you scan it, you ONLY get that customer.

OscarPOS Cloud makes that easy to do.

In your BOM ( Back Office Management ), navigate to and select the customer you want to create a QR CODE for. Under the customers GENERAL tab is a CARD#.

OscarPOS Cloud - BOM - Customer Card - Unique Card Identifier
OscarPOS Cloud – BOM – Customer Card – Unique Card Identifier

This is NOT a credit card number, but a unique identifier for that customer. Exactly what we want to use for your QR CODE.

HINT : You can use BOM / Reports /Customers Reports/ Contacts to create a csv that you can pass onto your card designer. Much faster than doing it one by one 🙂

Design Your Card

A graphic designer is one thing I am definitely not !

Luckily the plastic card printer I use comes with a great selection of templates to start me off.

Here are a couple that I have done for clients.

QR Code - Seniors Loyalty
QR Code – Seniors Loyalty
QR Code - Membership Card
QR Code – Membership Card

For the membership card, I have added some extra data as it makes more sense to the member than CARD#.

Use Your Card

Using a 2D Scanner, instead of searching for your CUSTOMER, you can just scan the QR CODE.

If you have any PROMOTION CAMPAIGNS that apply to that CUSTOMER, they will automatically be activated.

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