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OscarPOS Cloud BOM provides extensive reporting of key business data and marketing activity.

You can generate, view and save reports.

You may also create complex FILTERS and export to PDF, CSV or Excel.

NOTE : For each Store, the Start Time will default to how you have defined your business day start hour. Before you change the start of your day, make sure you have read up on what it means. It does NOT mean the time you open for business !

Reports List

Navigate to BOM / Reports.

BOM - Reports
BOM – Reports

The reports are grouped by category :

  • Sales Reports
  • Profit and Loss
  • POS
  • Inventory
  • Documents
  • Finances
  • Customer
  • Marketing

Note the <?> to the right of the report name . Hover your mouse over <?> to get a pop up box with more information about that report.

View a Report

Navigate to BOM / Reports and select the report you want to run.

BOM - Reports - Profit by Categories
BOM – Reports – Profit by Categories

The default PERIOD is usually MONTH.

Results may be tabulated or presented as Charts.

Hovering your mouse over different segments may pop up and provide more information.

Drilling down into tabulated data may also be possible for a more “granular” view.

Many graphical representations can be directly downloaded.

Most results can be saved as PDF, CSV or Excel for further manipulation as Pivot Tables etc.

Use <Hide Stats> to just leave Tabulated data visible.

Filtering and Exporting a Report

Check out the Menu Bar for your report. The bar will change depending on the type of report you are running, but may look something like this …

BOM - Reports - Menu Bar
BOM – Reports – Menu Bar

Select PDF, CSV or Excel to export your current report in that format.

Select “This Month” pull down to choose another preset period or define your own.

BOM - Reports - Profit by Categories - Filter
BOM – Reports – Profit by Categories – Filter

Most Reports also allow you to create a filter to help you pull out just the information you want.

Click <Filter> to open this dialogue

The one shown above is only offering a small range of criteria as the report is only looking at a limited set of data.

More complex reports will offer more criteria.


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