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Sell Gift Cards

Oscar POS APP - Order Screen - Gift Card

Oscar POS APP – Order Screen – Gift Card

It doesn’t matter if you are doing Dine In , Takeaway, Delivery or Quick Service. It also doesn’t have to be an empty ORDER – You can sell one or more Gift Cards as part of any sale.

Select <GIFT CARD> from the order creation screen

POS APP - Order Screen - GIft Card - Issue Refill Check
POS APP – Order Screen – Gift Card – Issue Refill Check

By default the screen defaults to ISSUE CARD ( On the right hand side ).

In the centre are the Gift Cards you have defined in your BOM.

  • Select the predefined Gift Card Type.
  • Enter the unique Gift Card number ( If you are using QR Codes or MSR etc you can scan, tap, swipe ).
  • Select <OK> to add to the ORDER

NOTE : You will NOT be able to press <OK> until all required steps are done.

You can now add other ITEMS to the ORDER and <Checkout>.

NOTE : A WAITER APP can add a Gift Card to an ORDER but will NOT be able to use <Checkout>.

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