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Customers who ask to “split the bill” must be the most annoying of all to a busy CSR, but with OscarPOS Cloud there are a few different ways to do this.

If you have one big ORDER, you could move the ITEMS to a different Table or Order and <Checkout> each separately. This to me seems a bit messy and more of an afterthought than part of an efficient business process.

You could ask at the start of each order “Will you be splitting the bill ?”. To me, this is like asking what the customer would like for dessert before seating them – it just aint right !

I also find it “sloppy” when the waiter brings out the order and asks, for each and every dish “who is having the rib eye ?”

Why not take your service level up a notch and use “By Seat” ordering as your default ?

You immediately know who has ordered which dishes and your waiters take the correct items directly to the correct diner … so smooth … so efficient … so professional !

Then at checkout, when you hear “Can we will split the bill” … you smile and say “Of course you can” … because all you have to do is select “By Seats” and the bill is presented to you separated by diner.

Here is how it could work … I will update with a nicer video when I work out how to do proper video editing 🙂

Split Billing By Seat with Course Levels and Multiple Tenders

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