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BOM allows you to view and manage the Roles available to your employees.

Here is where you define those ROLES.

By using role based access, OscarPOS Cloud BOM allows you to finely tune where your staff can go and what they can do once they get there.

List Roles

Navigate to BOM / Staff / Roles.

BOM - Staff - Roles - List
BOM – Staff – Roles – List

From the Menu Bar at the top of the screen …

  • ADD : Create a new ROLE.
  • DELETE : Send the selected ROLE to the archive.
  • DELETED ROLES : Previously deleted ROLES that may be restored.

From the list of active ROLES …

  • Name : Something that tells you logically what this ROLE can do.
  • Users Qty : How many STAFF already have that ROLE.

As always, you may click on the ROLE NAME or the number of employees with that ROLE and “drill down” for more information.

Admin Role

The list of ROLES will always include the built in ROLE of Admin.

At roll-out, the owner will be granted the ROLE of Admin.

Employees assigned to Admin will have full control over your BOM, POS APP for all of your Stores.

BOM - Staff - Roles - Admin
BOM – Staff – Roles – Admin

Drill down into the Admin ROLE and you will note that you cannot change permissions of this ROLE nor can you DELETE this role.

NOTE : I do not recommend the owner keeps the ROLE of Admin. Create a separate user for the Admin role and only use as necessary. Create a new high level ROLE ( that is less than an Admin Role ) for the owner. This helps protect your BOM. I have also had instances where the one and only user in the BOM is the owner with the Admin role – and the owner has been made INACTIVE. Your site suddenly has no access to BOM or to your POS APP !

Add New Role

Navigate to BOM / Staff / Roles and select <ADD>.

BOM - Staff - Roles - Add
BOM – Staff – Roles – Add
  • Role Name* : Compulsory
  • Sections : refers to BOM
  • Functions : Refers to POS APP
  • Save : Don’t forget to <Save> your new ROLE 🙂

Configuring Role Permissions

Let’s do this one by example.

We want to create a Cashier Role with BOM access to be able to see how our Customers are set up, and with limited POS access.

Normally I don’t give Cashiers access to any BOM functions – but for this one I will.

Navigate to BOM / Staff / Roles and select the ROLE “Cashier” ( Create it if it isn’t already there ).

BOM - Staff - Roles - Permissions - Sections
BOM – Staff – Roles – Permissions – Sections

Remembering that SECTIONS is referring to your BOM …

Put a tick in “Customers”  and you will get an expanded view of available permissions.

We want to let our Cashiers log into BOM and look at everything to do with “Customers” but not change anything. So we give them READ access to Customers.

Click <UPDATE>

BOM - Staff - Roles - Permissions - Functions
BOM – Staff – Roles – Permissions – Functions

We can now define some limited permissions to the POS APP under FUNCTIONS.

Don’t forget to <UPDATE> your new permissions.

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