Delivery Charges – Delivery Zone

WHERE : Back Office / Settings / Delivery Zones Overview When processing ORDERS for DELIVERY you may configure DELIVERY CHARGES in one of two ways FLAT RATE : where you can set minimum order value, free amount, delivery charge. Nice and simple. One rate. DELIVERY ZONE : Where you can be very creative in how […]

Price Lists

WHERE : Back Office / Items List / Price Lists Overview Price Lists include information on prices of all your ITEMS and MODIFIERS. If you add a NEW ITEM or MODIFIER, it is automatically added to the BASE PRICE LIST. BOM let’s you define many additional PRICE LISTS and assign them to your STORES. This […]

Promotional Campaigns – Multi Level Pricing

WHERE : Back Office / Marketing / Promotional Campaigns Overview This is really a sub-set of Promotional Campaigns but I reckon there will be a lot of interest in this one so it deserves an article all of its own. Often a simple Discount / Surcharge just doesn’t cut it. Recently we have added the […]

Staff Roles

WHERE : Back Office / Staff / Roles Overview BOM allows you to view and manage the Roles available to your employees. Here is where you define those ROLES. By using role based access, OscarPOS Cloud BOM allows you to finely tune where your staff can go and what they can do once they get […]

Staff List

WHERE : Back Office / Staff / Staff List Overview BOM allows you to view and manage the list of your staff members. Here is where you will also assign ROLES, passwords, etc as well as view performance data. List Staff Navigate to BOM / Staff / Staff List. BOM – Staff – Staff List […]


WHERE : Back Office / Reports Overview OscarPOS Cloud BOM provides extensive reporting of key business data and marketing activity. You can generate, view and save reports. You may also create complex FILTERS and export to PDF, CSV or Excel. NOTE : For each Store, the Start Time will default to how you have defined […]


WHERE : Back Office / Settings / Taxes Overview OscarPOS Cloud allows you to define your own Tax Rates to suit your Country / Region. By default, for AU your BOM will be pre-configured with GST and GST FREE that you select when creating your MENU ITEMS and INVENTORY ITEMS. List Taxes Navigate to BOM […]

Custom Types of Payment

WHERE : Back Office / Settings / Custom Types of Payment Overview OscarPOS Cloud allows you to define your own alternative types of payment that can be used on the POS APP. This may include such things as Uber, Deliveroo, Bartercard, etc You can also use this to track some of the “odd ways” I […]

Customer Feedback

WHERE : Back Office / Customers / Feedback Overview OscarPOS Cloud allows your Mobile APP Customers to leave direct feedback on their Orders. Some business owners are scared of feedback – unless it is good. I want it all –  the good, the bad, the ugly. How else am i going to improve service levels […]

Customer Groups

WHERE : Back Office / Customers / Customer Groups Overview OscarPOS Cloud uses Customer Groups to let you put your Customers into manageable units. Working with Customer Groups, instead of individual Customers, helps simplify the administration process, targeted promotions, etc Creating customer groups is a great way to target your promotional campaigns and push marketing. […]