POS APP Hardware – Cash Drawer

WHERE : POS Application / Menu / Settings / Hardware Cash Drawer Above is a flip top one – they are ideal when you have limited space. – but you could have a full size one. It doesn’t matter what type of Cash Drawer you are using, you can either open it manually or let […]

POS APP Hardware

WHERE : POS Application / Menu / Settings / Hardware Hardware Your POS is usually more than just software and a screen. There are many peripherals you can add to not only your POS but also on your network. You can even add peripherals that are in a different country – I have done that […]

Menu Commands

WHERE : POS APP / Menu Overview Depending on your ROLE, the POS APP will give you access to functions of the application. You might have access to : Active Orders : Opens the Active Orders screen. Closed Orders : View your Closed Orders. Delivery : Mange your Delivery Orders. Cash Drawer : Manage cash […]