QR Code – Quickly Add a Customer to an ORDER

Overview While this article is called “Quickly Add a Customer to an Order”, it also readily expands to memberships, loyalty campaigns, …. Pretty much anytime you need to “track” the sale to a “customer” to invoke a set of criteria. You are of course familiar with the process to manually add a customer to the […]

Merge Customers

WHERE : BOM / Customers / Customer List Overview No matter how well you train your staff to Manually Register a new Customer, or how easy you make it for Customers to Self Register, you will one day find that you want to combine two Customers into one. OscarPOS Cloud is pretty good at identifying […]

Delivery Order Cycle

WHERE : POS Application / Active Orders WHERE : POS Application / Delivery Orders WHERE : POS Application / Reports Overview OscarPOS Cloud contains a fully integrated Delivery Order system. You can enter orders manually or receive them from directly from either your Mobile APP or WEB APP. Set hours for delivery that are different […]

Customer Feedback

WHERE : Back Office / Customers / Feedback Overview OscarPOS Cloud allows your Mobile APP Customers to leave direct feedback on their Orders. Some business owners are scared of feedback – unless it is good. I want it all –  the good, the bad, the ugly. How else am i going to improve service levels […]

Customer Groups

WHERE : Back Office / Customers / Customer Groups Overview OscarPOS Cloud uses Customer Groups to let you put your Customers into manageable units. Working with Customer Groups, instead of individual Customers, helps simplify the administration process, targeted promotions, etc Creating customer groups is a great way to target your promotional campaigns and push marketing. […]

Customer Loyalty Campaigns

WHERE : Back Office / Marketing / Promotional Campaigns About Loyalty Campaigns First thing …. a Loyalty Programme is different to a Promotional Campaign. Though there are many cross-overs and the two can work in together to create nice complex scenarios. A well designed customer Loyalty Programme offered by your company can be invaluable in […]

Customers List

WHERE : Back Office / Customers / Customers List Overview The customers list page of the Back Office Management console allows you to view and manage the list of your registered customers and their associated profile. Creating customers is not only a way to track things. With the powerful suite of integrated APPs in OscarPOS […]


Where : BackOffice / Dashboard Oscar Pos Cloud Dashboard Overview Your Oscar POS Cloud Dashboard provides you with an overview of your store / stores It provides a single pint of access to access financial information on each store and a clear view into customer interest in your products Key Performance Indicators For the chosen […]