8 Pay Delivery Driver

WHERE : POS Application / Reports Pay Delivery Driver Where you have defined fees to pay your delivery driver in Terms of Delivery, you can run a report on your POS APP to see how much you need to pay him / her. Navigate to POS APP / Menu / Reports / Drivers. In the […]

Delivery Order Cycle

WHERE : POS Application / Active Orders WHERE : POS Application / Delivery Orders WHERE : POS Application / Reports Overview OscarPOS Cloud contains a fully integrated Delivery Order system. You can enter orders manually or receive them from directly from either your Mobile APP or WEB APP. Set hours for delivery that are different […]

4 Assign Delivery to a Driver

WHERE : POS Application / Active Orders Assign Delivery to a Driver After pressing <Start Delivery> you are prompted to allocate the Delivery Order to one of your Delivery Drivers. NOTE : Delivery Drivers are STAFF you have set up in your BOM and tagged as Drivers. Select the Driver name and then <Assign>. Depending […]

3 Start Delivery

WHERE : POS Application / Active Orders Start Delivery We are now ready to give our ORDER to our Delivery Driver. Select the ORDER and press <Start Delivery>. Once again, this may be configured to be sent to your Customer as a Push Notification.