POS APP Settings – Customer Screen

WHERE : POS Application / Menu / Settings / Customer Screen Customer Screen Where you have an integrated LCD customer display, you can use it for displaying the ITEMs your customer is buying. When you have active PROMOTIONS, they will scroll across the screen, when the POS ORDER screen is not in use. Show Screen […]

Notification Message History

WHERE : BOM / Notification Centre Overview Your OscarPOS Cloud Notification Centre will keep a log of brief information about sent messages. List Sent Messages Navigate to BOM / Notification Centre / History. You can filter by Message Type as well as sort the columns as ascending or descending.

Configuring Event Messages

WHERE : BOM / Notification Centre / Event Messages Overview Your notification Centre supports event driven messages. When an event is triggered the notification centre will send a details message automatically. An example of this would be your Customer selecting the “Forgot Password” link. In this case the Notification Centre will automatically send out predefined […]

Configuring Manual Messages

WHERE : BOM / Notification Centre Overview Manual messages are a great way to interact with your existing Customers or introduce potential Customers to your wonderful goods & services. You can create these as an email, a ush notification or an SMS. You can also create a schedule by which they are sent. List Manual […]

About Notification Centre

WHERE : BOM / Notification Centre Overview Your OscarPOS Cloud Notification Centre allows you to configure messages that get sent to your customers. As with everything else, you can optionally use CUSTOMER GROUPS to help target specific Customer criteria. You may also have the option to send the notification immediately or to schedule a date […]

Promotional Campaigns – Multi Level Pricing

WHERE : Back Office / Marketing / Promotional Campaigns Overview This is really a sub-set of Promotional Campaigns but I reckon there will be a lot of interest in this one so it deserves an article all of its own. Often a simple Discount / Surcharge just doesn’t cut it. Recently we have added the […]

Customer Groups

WHERE : Back Office / Customers / Customer Groups Overview OscarPOS Cloud uses Customer Groups to let you put your Customers into manageable units. Working with Customer Groups, instead of individual Customers, helps simplify the administration process, targeted promotions, etc Creating customer groups is a great way to target your promotional campaigns and push marketing. […]

Customer Loyalty Campaigns

WHERE : Back Office / Marketing / Promotional Campaigns About Loyalty Campaigns First thing …. a Loyalty Programme is different to a Promotional Campaign. Though there are many cross-overs and the two can work in together to create nice complex scenarios. A well designed customer Loyalty Programme offered by your company can be invaluable in […]