Menu Commands

WHERE : POS APP / Menu Overview Depending on your ROLE, the POS APP will give you access to functions of the application. You might have access to : Active Orders : Opens the Active Orders screen. Closed Orders : View your Closed Orders. Delivery : Mange your Delivery Orders. Cash Drawer : Manage cash […]

Start Shift / End Shift

WHERE : POS APP Overview With OscarPOS Cloud, the POS APP requires at least 1 SHIFT every 24 Hours. Before you can process ORDERS, you will be required to START A SHIFT. When you END A SHIFT, the POS APP will check for OPEN ORDERS. You could have one SHIFT that lasts the entire day […]

Custom Types of Payment

WHERE : Back Office / Settings / Custom Types of Payment Overview OscarPOS Cloud allows you to define your own alternative types of payment that can be used on the POS APP. This may include such things as Uber, Deliveroo, Bartercard, etc You can also use this to track some of the “odd ways” I […]